This campaign looks at animal products being used by public institutions.

As part of its new campaign already launched in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and England, the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS criticises the way public procurement of animal products is undertaken. Many institutions, such as schools, universities and hospitals, buy large quantities of meat, eggs and milk - without paying attention to the origin and quality of the products. In doing so, public institutions not only harm consumers’ health and the environment, but also indirectly promote animal suffering. This is because the cheaply purchased animal products come mostly from factory farmed animals. Too often genetically modified feed, cruel conditions and brutal procedures, such as tail docking, castration without anesthesia or shredding of one-day-old male chicks, are on the daily agenda.

These practices are clearly not in the public interest. According to a representative Eurobarometer survey from 2015, 94 percent of the European population is in favour of protecting farm animals. An overwhelming, 82 percent are not satisfied with the status quo. Therefore, FOUR PAWS - in the interest of consumers and animals - advocates a tightening of animal welfare criteria in public procurement. FOUR PAWS calls on public institutions to ensure that the following general requirements are met for all farmed animal species they procure products from: promotion of natural behaviour, avoidance of pain, provision of sufficient space, access to outdoors and natural daylight, an abandonment of high-performance breeds and stricter requirements for transport and slaughter. In addition, FOUR PAWS demands that canteens of public institutions halve the supply of meat products for the long term, purchase animal products exclusively from friendlier animal husbandry systems, and increase the range of plant-based dishes.

The Solution

Whenever public institutions buy animal products, the following requirements should be met:

  • Let the animals be animals! Natural behaviour must be allowed and encouraged
  • Avoid pain and suffering
  • Animal husbandry - adjust the keeping system to the animal!
  • More space, outdoor access and daylight
  • Animal welfare must be put before maximizing the output
  • Fair treatment of animals until death must be ensured.

Together we can do something for these animals!

FOUR PAWS is calling on public institutions to ensure they only source products that consider animal welfare! In addition, less meat should be served. This is better for animals, better for health and better for the environment. But we need your support to change something!

Here you can find out about the national parts of the campaigns:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. Austria
  4. Switzerland