Standing up for pets on World Animal Day


You can help us end the illegal pet trade

Imagine, your friend has bought a sick puppy online. After a short time, the puppy appears to be sick, and is rushed to a vet. Your friend is burdened with huge vet bills, and all attempts to contact the puppy seller fail - his phone number does not work anymore. All your friend knows about the dog is the microchip number, but when the vet checks it against the pet registration database, there are no details about who bred, sold or last owned the animal.

So, your friend is now out-of-pocket, has a sick dog with mysterious origins, and they cannot ask the seller or breeder for help. This inability to identify and trace everyone who breeds or sells puppies is one of the drivers of the illegal puppy trade in the European Union.

FOUR PAWS campaigners are calling for stronger legislation and regulations to protect our companion animals from unscrupulous dealers. So situations like the one described above become a thing of the past.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re doing:

  • We are calling for traceability of dogs and cats at the EU and national levels, so every time a puppy is sold or purchased, the new owner can know for sure who has been responsible for the animal previously.
  • We’re promoting responsible ownership of dogs and cats via the CARO project (Companion Animal Responsible Ownership). Check out the CAROdog and CAROcat resources available: and
  •  We’re campaigning for online classifieds sites to implement technical systems that identify puppy sellers. We’ve already seen a number of successes due to our Thanks eBay campaign!

How can you help?

We can’t do this alone. We need you to show the EU Commission that you care about companion animals, and that you want them protected by law. And what better day than World Animal Day to take action for companion animals!

Use the power of social media and join the new international campaign that FOUR PAWS is supporting.

Together with our friends at Eurogroup for Animals, we will show EU decision-makers that EU citizens care for their pets, and that it is time for real action. Jump on Instagram or Twitter and follow these simple steps:

Want to do even more?

  • You can sign up for the FOUR PAWS newsletter, so that we can reach you, when we need our supporters in concrete campaigning activities.
  • Spread the word, that no one should ever buy an animal where the origin is not clear, and that we need to have means, to trace dogs and other pets.
  • Sign and share our petition to ask the classified’s industry to ban illegal puppy dealers: