Team preparing for sheep rescue

Animal Disaster Relief in Romania


14,600 sheep trapped inside a capsized ship

25th November 2019 - Heartbreaking news as a cargo ship carrying over 14,000 sheep overturns. Yesterday, shortly after leaving the port of Capu Midia on the Romanian Black Sea coast, the animal transport ship 'Queen Hind' overturned, trapping approximately 4, 600 terrified sheep on board, of which, due to being trapped in the submerging compartments, many are presumed to have already drowned. The team were safely evacuated, but as thousands of sheep were expected to be alive and suffering, our partner organisation ARCA / Letea Wild Horses in Romania made the rapid decided to go on board the vessel to try to save as many sheep as possible, before it was too late.

The animals were destined to be transported from Europe to Saudi Arabia. Every year more than one billion poultry and 37 million live cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses are transported across borders. Just a couple of years ago in 2017, mass suffering was seen when 2,400 sheep were found to have died a hideous death from stress, hear and suffocation aboard a live transport ship travelling from Australia to the Middle East. 

Live transport comes to massive animal welfare issue, due to travel time and transport conditions, it is almost impossible to transport animals long distances humanely. Your personal shopping and eating habits decide day after day how animals are kept and treated. Make a stand today against animal transport by replacing meat and products of animal origin as often as possible with plant-based alternatives. 

December 2019

Monday: We keep on fighting 

Many of you are wondering what is going to happen to the surviving sheep currently receiving medical care on a farm. We are working at full speed to give the sheep a chance to live, so please understand that we can't say more at the moment. Together with other NGOs, our team of ARCA / Letea Wild Horses will attend a demonstration in Romania tomorrow, so that an accident like this can not happen anymore. We'll keep you updated!

November 2019

Saturday: It’s time to say thank you 

The last few days have been very emotional for all of us. We were angry, sad, determined, motivated, exhausted, but above all grateful. Grateful for these people in the picture, especially our team Dr. Ovidiu Rosu, Kuki Barbuceanu and Dr. Florin Mlagiu from ARCA Letea Wild Horses – THANK YOU for your courage, commitment and motivation. Also a big thank you to ISU, ARSVOM and ANR, with whom our team searched side by side for survivors. You are the true heroes of this mission! We, who sit behind the PCs and write these updates, are just thankful to be able to report on your great work. And of course, a big thank you to our FOUR PAWS community. Not only did you support us with countless donations, but you also shared our posts on social media and left your encouraging support in the comments. Now, we hope that all rescued sheep will get the chance to live a quiet and peaceful life. We will continue to fight for the survivors of this shipwreck. 


Thursday: Still a race against time

It is amazing that after 3 days, our team and partners from ARCA / Letea Wild Horses are still pulling out survivors from the wreckage. The team are exhausted, but they will not stop until each and every possible life has been saved. Today our team will be at the side of ISU who will cut into one more compartment of the ship. The 254 rescued sheep, for now are safe and receiving the much needed medical attention they need. 


Wednesday: 119 sheep brought ashore!

Our ARCA / Letea Wild Horses team worked tirelessly with Romanian firefighters until late into the night to search for survivors. The knowledge that there are still conscious animals on board drives us back into the partially flooded corridors of the freighter against all fatigue and exhaustion. We have no time to think about the unbelievable sight of this ship loaded with the bodies of thousands of animal carcasses. Every time we have almost given up hope, the leg of a sheep suddenly twitches in front of us. From nowhere we hear again and again a quiet "Baa", which steers us in the direction of a still breathing animal. Together we pull the frightened creatures out from the mass grave and into the daylight.
According to the code of honour of a captain, we will only leave this ship when every living sheep is outside. 

Even though we have been severely hit in view of the many thousands of dead, we can inform you that to this point, we have been able to rescue 119 sheep alive from the ship. Many of you have been wondering what would happen to the animals, and we have good news: all 119 of them have already been brought to safety and are currently being treated and cared for on a farm. Once the rescue mission is over, we will consider what will happen to them and how we can make sure they are well. 
However, the next mission is already underway, and it is even more difficult than the previous ones: some areas of the ship have been rendered inaccessible by the incident, our team now has to drill openings in the locked holds. No one knows what awaits us behind these walls, but we hope to find sheep alive inside. 


Tuesday: Our team is on board!

Breaking news from the sinking cargo ship off the Romanian coast: since yesterday we have been trying to make it clear to the local authorities that live sheep are still trapped in the capsized ship. Our partner organisation ARCA / Letea Wild Horses in Romania has decided to go on board to try and get the animals out of the water. It is a race against time to get as many animals can get to safety!


Monday: Breaking news

Heartbreaking news as a cargo ship carrying 14,600 sheep overturnsYesterday, shortly after leaving the port of Capu Midia on the Romanian Black Sea coast, the animal transport ship "Queen Hind" overturned, trapping more than 14,600 terrified sheep onboard, of which most are presumed to have drowned. 


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