Orangutan Amalia


Already head of the class, Amalia is a great nest-builder. Help her spend every night in the tree tops!

Name meaning: ‘Amalia’ means ‘work’. Although not named for her work ethic, Amalia is indeed a diligent forest pupil. 

Born in 2011

Bio: Amalia was rescued along with Eska from a private zoo that was shut down by authorities. They were both held in one cage. She was confident around humans but avoided eye contact like a wild orangutan. After over a year, she has become more trusting of her foster mothers.

Amalia is also the most forest-savvy of the bunch. She can select forest foods and build nests- both skills essential to survival in the jungle. Along with Eska, she was moved to Camp Sungai- where the older orangutans can spend all day and night in the forest. While Eska mostly preferred to sleep in his cage, Amalia took her nest-building skills to the canopy and slept under the stars. Unfortunately, she had to be moved back to the quarantine area after 4 weeks when she had to rescued from next to a public road, having been attracted by human noises. Although a clever girl for sure, we need to do a lot of work with her before she is ready to roam the treetops on her own. 

Favourite past-times:  Amalia really loves to make big nests in the trees! And one the ground… she likes to roll her body like an orangutan beach ball!

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