Orangutan Bhima

Orangutan Bhima

After recovering from his broken arm, Bhima is finally enjoying climbing and playing in the forest


Name meaning: 'Formidable' in Sanskrit. Bhima was named after a character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, who has incredible strength and skills as a warrior.

Born in 2019

Bio: Bhima was rescued on October 6, 2020. He arrived at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL with a broken arm, after he had been found by locals in the forest. Due to his condition, a team of veterinarians and caregivers had to keep him under 24 hour supervision, making sure his arm was healing properly. Thanks to intensive medical care, after several months, his fracture was healed and we could start the little boy's rehabilitation process with special focus on his arm.

Since then, Bhima is gaining more and more strength. Every day he is making progress in developing the normal locomotion skills he needs. We are glad to see that he is already comfortable with climbing the trees, playing and hanging, just like the other orangutans!

Favourite past-times: Even though Bhima is still very cautious, he loves moving through the trees, finally being able to use both arms for climbing and swinging.

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