Orangutan Damai

Orangutan Damai

The orangutan baby was handed over to the Forest School team after a dramatic rescue 


Name meaning: The name Damai, comes from the Indonesian word meaning of 'Peace'. This name was decided as this little orangutan arrived at the Forest School on the 75th anniversary of the allied victory in WWII.

Born in 2018

Bio: Orangutan Damai arrived at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL following a dramatic rescue, where he was saved moments away from being abandoned and hopeless. Damai's process has been very positive, he is gaining a lot of confidence day by day. The active little boy enjoys spending time with Lestari, who has become his best friend. Together with Indra and Bhima, they love playing rough and tumble games on the forest ground. Even at night, after a long day of learning and exploring the forest, the two best friends, Damai and Lestari, enjoy each others company and share the same compartment in the night cages.

Favourite past-times: Spending time with his caregiver, Ipeh, in the forest.

Orphan orangutan

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