Orangutan Indra

Orangutan Indra

Showing curiosity for social interactions with others, the orphan orangutan loves to play and explore


Name meaning: 'Senses'

Born in 2017

Bio: Indra was rescued on November 4, 2020. He was brought to us by the authorities after he had been found in the same area where Bhima was found one month before. Due to wounds on his head, shoulder and knee, our team took Indra under 24 hour care.

Indra has recovered from his wounds quite fast and is comfortable with his caregivers, building more trust every day. He is curious to involve in social activities with either younger or older orangutans, but he is also cautious with older orangutans while being very gentle with younger ones like Bhima. Like the other young orangutans, he still has a long process of learning at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL but with the support of his caregivers and the other orangutans we are sure he will make great progress in developping all the necessary forest skills.

Favorite past-times: Exploring the forest, searching for wild food such as pith, fruits and termites – yum!

Orphan orangutan

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