Orangutan Lestari

Orangutan Lestari

The traumatised female is a quick learner. On her first day in the forest she already built three nests!


Name meaning: 'Sustainable or everlasting'

Born in 2017

Bio: Brought to us by the authorities on July 14, 2020, Lestari arrived in a poor condition. Her skinny body was covered with wounds and, only knowing the wildernes, she was frightened of humans. Slowly, with patience and loving care, our caretakers were able to gain her trust. Finally, when she started to trust her new surrogate mother Sisil, Lestari started to become a playful and explorative orangutan. And she loves the forest! Like the other orangutans, Lestari will still need some years in our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL to fully learn everything she needs to know to survive by herself, but as we already see, she is a quick learner.

Favorite past-times: Searching for forest food and resting in her own nest – the perfect spot during rain showers or when she wants to have as short nap during the day.

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