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April 2021

Our updates and stories of April

Cattle in the stable in Germany

The Animal Health Law and FOUR PAWS’ Work

On the 21st of April 2021, the Animal Health Law entered into force and will hopefully contribute to a more animal-friendly European Union

Man with dog on a leash

Positive dog training

Dogs learn best with positive reinforcement 


How to find a good dog training school

Dog/puppy training schools – what to look out for

Six bears in concrete pits in Lovech Zoo!


See the FOUR PAWS report on zoos in Bulgaria

Nhi Nho

Update bear Nhi Nho

Goodbye and forever in our hearts

Treated as breeding machines, mother dogs are repeatedly impregnated.

The Illegal Puppy Trade

Abused as breeding machines

Stray dogs in Ukraine

Hope for a Better Tomorrow for Strays

Three important milestones to ending stray animal suffering in Eastern Europe


March 2021

Our updates and stories of March

Sheeps and lambs on a farm with mulesing practice

The suffering of the lambs: Mutilated for luxury fashion

FOUR PAWS criticises animal cruelty at international fashion brands

Colourful eggs

Tips for an animal-friendly Easter

Some Easter traditions and treats may have cruelty behind them

Green soup

Green Spring-Cream Soup

Spring can taste so good!

Rescue Xuan and Mo

Rescue Xuan and Mo

Kept in a basement, the Asiatic black bears were rescued from a life in darkness 

17 years in a dark, windowless basement

17 years in a dark, windowless basement

FOUR PAWS rescues two former bile bears in Vietnam

Deer Kalle at TIERART

Avoiding Wildlife Accidents

Guide for animal lovers: How to avoid wildlife accidents – and how to behave correctly in case of an emergency

Campaigners in Spain

Haven of hell: At “best”, the Elbeik's 1,610 cattle are killed on site

FOUR PAWS speaks of a total failure of the European Union as well as the Spanish authorities

Orphan Lestari

Rescue Lestari

The orangutan orphan recovering from trauma and learning how to enjoy her life again in the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL

Pig in truck

One year on from COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic

But what is being done to prevent future pandemics?


Animal-Friendly Pigeon Repellent

Guide on wild animals: How to deal with them properly?

Campaigners in Spain

After the tragedy of the "Karim Allah", the shipments from Spain are continuing

FOUR PAWS is on site in Cartagena and documents the cruel machinery

Dog panting in the heat

Fake Animal Rescue Videos

How to spot orchestrated animal rescues  

Pig farming

One year after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO:

FOUR PAWS calls on responsible organisations and governments to improve the human-animal relationship to prevent future pandemics

Live animal transport of cattle

Tragedy at sea continues: The "Elbeik" sails back to the EU after an odyssey of almost three months with 1,776 cattle on board

FOUR PAWS already reported on the killing of the 895 young bulls of "Karim Allah" this Sunday

Dog in slaughterhouse

Closing a House of Horror for Dogs in Cambodia

Saving the dogs and shutting down of the worst slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Dog in small cage in slaughterhouse, Cambodia

One million dogs killed: FOUR PAWS closes major slaughterhouse in Cambodia, rescuing 16 dogs on site

Rescue comes a week after interception of 61 dogs in a minivan in Siem Reap


February 2021

Our updates and stories of February

Kitten in the garden

Preparing Your Garden for Spring and Your Pets

FOUR PAWS' free downloadable guides on how to make your garden safe for animals

elephant in circus

FOUR PAWS calls upon EU Commission for a ban of wild animals in circuses

Opinion poll shows majority of Europeans are against animal suffering in entertainment

Mouse looking out a small wood house

Small mammals as pets

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and rats – only for committed families 


FOUR PAWS convinces German fast-food chain dean&david to reduce meat

dean&david is rated the highest in the FOUR PAWS Atlas challenge ranking and are the first to sign the commitment which has kick-started the race for the rest to follow suit

The Penjaga and Pengasuh

The Penjaga and Pengasuh

Meet the 'foster mothers' who are caring for the orphans of the Bornean rainforest

Atlas Challenge – Fast-Food Chains

Fast-Food Chains

How are the fast-food chains* performing when it comes to meat and fish reduction and increasing plant-based food?

Cages of laying hens

Dr Jane Goodall calls on EU to end cage farming across Europe

The letter to the European Commission is signed by more than 140 international scientists

Dogs rescued

Slaughterhouse-bound minivan carrying 61 dogs intercepted in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS steps in to assist Cambodian authorities in first ever interception of dogs being taken for the dog meat trade

Dog behind a fence

How to Get Your Dog Healthily Through the Winter Season

Road salt, gravel and snow - get your dog through the cold season despite the cold temperatures

Fur fox

Internationally renowned sports brand Adidas joins fur-free initiative

FOUR PAWS welcomes newest member in the Fur Free Retailer program

Vegan blueberry cake

Animal-Friendly Recipes

Eating delicious food doesn't have to involve animal suffering, check out our easy to prepare healthy recipes

Dog in shelter

Despite COVID-19 restrictions: FOUR PAWS distributes 10 tonnes of food to starving animals in Lebanon

Hundreds of animals were left homeless after the devastating explosion in Beirut in August

Rescue Stafida

Rescue Stafida

The miraculous survival of a dog who was struck by a train 


FAQ's on Big Cat Rescue Missions

Learn more about how we help suffering big cats across the world

Young bird

'Branchling' - Hands off Please!

Guide for animal lovers: what you can do for young wild animals

Factory farming

Pandemics and Animal Welfare

Support our demands for a world of higher animal welfare!


January 2021

Our updates and stories of January

Baby red squirrel being held in hand

Squirrel in Need

Guide for animal lovers: tips for saving squirrel babies

Happy Bear

Measures in times of corona

We are well prepared to continue to care for our animals

Fawns, young deer

Early Born Wildlife - What You Absolutely Have to Consider

FOUR PAWS asks walkers for increased attention for wild animals


The Beauty of Adoption

Adopting a pet is a wonderful process - find out everything you need to know

Rescue bear

Rescue of 7 Bile Bears

Update of our newest rescued bears at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh 

Dog during Carnival

Carnival: No Fun For Animals

FOUR PAWS gives tips on what pet owners should look out for

Roe buck Ruffy

Rescue Ruffy

An orphaned roe fawn in a meadow who fought to live!


10 Facts About Big Cats

How much do you know about these powerful feline predators? 

Jambolina looks over her new home

Rescue Jambolina

After many years in the circus, a new life is finally beginning for the brown bear

Elephant Kaavan

The FOUR PAWS review 2020

Only with your help, this was possible. Watch the video! 

Dog in the snow

When Your Dog Has a Cold

A guide for dog owners: swift recovery for dogs with a cold

Stray dog in a shelter

Animal Welfare and COVID-19

What you need to know and what can you do?

Zoe was rescued from a fur farm

Shopping Guide for Animal-Friendly Fashion

From wool to down - have a heart for animals when shopping 

Mink in a fur farm

Call on all countries to ban fur farms!

End the cruel and deadly fur trade before it causes the next pandemic!

Rabbit in snow

Rabbit Winter Care

A how-to guide to making your rabbit enclosure winter-proof


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