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War lion Saeed from Syria finally found a companion

FOUR PAWS plans to socialise the rescued lions Saeed and Nala in South Africa


22,000 euros for a tiger: The trade in big cats from Europe is booming

FOUR PAWS urges the European Commission to ban the trade in tigers for good


The ultimate fight against deadly rabies in Myanmar: FOUR PAWS announces new plan to vaccinate one million dogs and cats


FOUR PAWS disaster relief team helps animals affected by Lombok earthquake

Horses and cats of Gili Islands receive food and medical care


FOUR PAWS #ThankseBay campaign celebrates success for animal welfare in UK

Gumtree UK decides for crackdown on illegal puppy traders


“Fashion Weak”: Prada’s use of animal fur is out of fashion

FOUR PAWS and Fur Free Alliance call on luxury fashion brand to go fur-free