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Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Program saved her life

Residents watched her story: she had been dumped on the side of the road by her owner who no longer wanted her - she was just around two month old. Being unfamiliar with the area, she wandered into the street and got struck by an oncoming motorbike, who failed to stop - instead, he sped away leaving her with a fractured back.

Slowly and in pain, she was able to drag herself off the road. Eventually a local family happened to be driving by and spotted her crying, the picked the little puppy up. Kitty was unable to get up on her own, ad so the family called our Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Program in conjunction with local charity Headrock Dogs Rescue for help. 

Kitty was taken for immediate veterinary care, where it was confirmed that she had a fracture to her vertebra (back), causing complete paralysis in one hind leg, and partial paralysis in the other. Her legs were also turned backwards as a result of the injury. She has had severe wounds and bruising.

Despite her severe injuries, Kitty has a fighting spirit, and has refused to give up on life – and neither have we! 

Update February 2020

She has been getting stronger by the day, and with physical therapy, is even able to use her one hinds legs a bit. She requires intensive care, physical therapy, daily cleaning to keep her legs clean, dry, and free of wounds. We hope to fit her with a small wheelchair when she gets a bit bigger.

And as luck would have it, the kind family who rescued poor Kitty on the side of the road decided to adopt her! 

This rescue is part of our Saving Thailand’s Forgotten Dogs Program.

Kitty with her adoption family
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