RESCUED: bile bears Long and Trang


Two bears are in safety and one more Vietnamese province has no more bile bear farms

Two more emergency cases for FOUR PAWS in Vietnam: Asiatic black bears Trang and Long were successfully rescued in November 2018 by a FOUR PAWS team accompanied by vet Dr. Johanna Painer from Vienna's Veterinary University.

Sixteen-year-old Trang had been abused for bile extraction for such a long time that she became agitated when she recognised the anaesthesia pump at her rescue. By saving her, we were finally able to eliminate bile bear farms in Ben Tre province.

"Trang’s health condition is okay, but she has a huge scar on the upper part of her gallbladder, which is undoubtedly from puncturing the organ for bile extraction in the past. The liver tissue around her gallbladder is fibrotic and has changed in density due to long-term inflammation in that area."

Vet Dr. Johanna Painer from Vienna's Veterinary University

Long, 22 years old, was the next bile bear to leave his cage forever. His vet check was heartbreaking for everyone involved. He had been suffering in a tiny cage for so long that his body was ravaged by chronic arthritis. His joints were so stiff that the abused bear was not even able to lie down properly. His spine had hardened almost completely and he must have been in unbelievable pain for a very long time. Our team was finally able to offer Long some relief with appropriate painkillers and he will need special pain management for the rest of his life. Since arriving at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, Long has stolen everyone's heart. He seems to be very happy and ready to embrace his second chance.

Long and Trang were taken to the quarantine station at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Here, they received medical care from FOUR PAWS veterinarians and animal caretakers. A lifetime of abuse has left appalling physical marks on them. After a
After a while they were released to outdoor enclosures.

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Heart-breaking twist during rescue

The original plan was to rescue three bears. Sadly, bear Sao's life was lost on the way to the BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Our team desperately fought to save his life for more than twelve hours and tried everything possible to help him. Although the bear’s health condition was bad when we arrived at the zoo to rescue him, Sao did fine during and after the vet check performed by our veterinarian, Dr. Johanna Painer, and our Vietnam bear team. He woke from anaesthesia quickly and was doing well. Nevertheless, five hours after the team left the zoo, Sao suddenly started bleeding from his nose and mouth, and his breathing became heavy. Our team reacted immediately and provided him with infusions, oxygen and intensive care. Unfortunately, our efforts were futile and he passed away.

Following this devastating loss, we are doing everything in our power to give the two remaining bears, Trang and Long, the pain-free future all three deserved so badly. Through Trang and Long, Sao will forever have a place in our hearts.

A NEW START FOR LonG and Trang 

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