FOUR PAWS helps strays


Worldwide projects to neuter stray dogs and cats

Hundreds of thousands of stray cats and dogs live on the streets worldwide. FOUR PAWS has been helping them for 20 years. Animals are abandoned just about everywhere where people live. Stray dogs and cats are part of everyday life especially in the urban centres of poorer countries. They suffer from hunger, disease, injuries and violence. Because so few dogs and cats are castrated, they reproduce extremely fast – populations growing in such uncontrolled conditions tend towards poor health, and ultimately pose a risk for people, too. Apart from our targeted local missions to neuter strays, we also work to improve the image of stray animals in the countries concerned. In order to achieve this goal, we are active on several levels:

1. Local neutering missions

2. Changing perceptions among the population

3. Dogs for People animal-assisted therapy with trained stray dogs

4. Political work on EU level and in the countries concerned


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The FOUR PAWS Solution

Unfortunately, people in many countries remain overwhelmingly convinced that mass killing is the best way to manage a growing population of strays: dogs and cats are poisoned, strangled, beaten to death or sometimes even burned or buried alive. These horrifying practices are not only cruel but completely useless. Scientific studies have proved that such killings do not reduce the number of stray animals long-term.

That's why FOUR PAWS focuses on targeted castration. It's only when animals are neutered and so stopped from reproducing that population growth can be contained long-term. The "Catch-Neuter-Release" method is the key element in our work: dogs and cats are caught, neutered, and as soon as they are fit, released.

In order to encourage authorities and local people to think differently, our worldwide missions to help strays also include the task of raising awareness among local inhabitants. In addition, we conduct political work and lobbying.

Permanent projects and und short-term intervention

Our aid for strays is based on two approaches: Long-term missions, like in Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, as well as short-term castration projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are also active in Southeast Asia (Indonesia) und Oceania (Australia) and have completed successful missions in the past to South Africa, Thailand, Jordan, India and Albania, among other countries.