Streunerhilfe in Bulgarien

Four paws stray ANIMAL CARE in bulgaria


Working tirelessly to stop mass killings

In 2008, we received the green light for our mission to help stray dogs and cats in Bulgaria. Following recommendations by WHO and numerous NGOs, including FOUR PAWS, the Bulgarian parliament stopped the mass killing of stray dogs and opted for the much more sustainable strategy of neutering stray animals. Since then, our team has been tirelessly touring the country with a mobile animal clinic where stray dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated and given veterinary treatment. It was clear that this would become a long-term mission. Five years later, in 2013, we opened a veterinary clinic in Sofia, which in the meantime has become a permanent contact point for animals in distress. Thanks to the specialist facilities, the clinic can also perform difficult operations. In the past ten years, we have been able to treat and neuter a total of 25,000 animals in Bulgaria.

Animals help people

In 2016, our local team obtained official permission to offer animal-assisted therapy, similar to Dogs for Peoplein Romania. After signing a contract with the city of Sofia, FOUR PAWS began organising therapy visits in 2017. It is the first organisation to offer this kind of therapy with stray dogs. This mission not only helps the animals, but many people, too.  

FOUR PAWS is active across the whole of Bulgaria

In the meantime, our involvement in Bulgaria has become an integral part of our work in Eastern Europe. FOUR PAWS has grown to become Bulgaria's largest animal protection organisation. This has motivated us to implement further projects in Bulgaria in the coming years.

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