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FOUR PAWS has been working for decades to improve the conditions for farm animals

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Angora Goats

Live Animal Transport

In Europe alone 3.30 million sheep & goats are live transported every year

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10 Facts about Goats

3.30 million sheep & goats live transported every year

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Goats are intelligent, extremely skillful, but also very shy and careful, rather than docile and calm. They can react terribly to noises and fast unknown movements. They can learn very quickly; especially when it comes to enforcing their own needs. Since they are herd animals, at least two goats should always be kept together.

Worth knowing about Goats

Goat enjoying eating the vegetables

10 Facts about Goats

What do you know about these animals?

Rescues Goat Lotte at TIERART

Mutilation of Goats

Goats are adapted to the farm environment, instead of vice versa

Zoe was rescued from a fur farm

Shopping Guide for Animal-Friendly Fashion

From wool to down – have a heart for animals when shopping 


the suffering of Goats

Since goats are very tough animals that survive in various harsh environmental conditions, there is sometimes the attitude, that these animals can be kept with a low-management effort. This leads to neglect and well-being problems. Goats are exploited for their meat, mohair and cashmere, and they suffer from a variety of welfare issues.

Animal Charity

Suffering for Luxury Mohair

How angora goats are cruelly farmed for their soft hair


The Cost to Goats behind your Cashmere Sweater

Suffering for the luxury of cashmere  



has been working for decades to improve conditions of farm animals

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