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Adopt an animal in one of our sanctuaries and support our vision to create a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding. As a sponsor, you will receive an adoption certificate with a beautiful picture of your adopted animal. But there is even more – you will get a unique look behind the scenes when our caretakers send you updates, photos and videos of your adopted animal.

Lioness Vasylyna at FELIDA

Adopt Vasylyna, the lioness surviving the war

Vasylyna was found all alone, surviving the wreckages of war on Ukraine’s streets. The young lioness had escaped from private keeping in a house. After her rescue, we brought her to our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary, where she lives in a beautiful outdoor enclosure with lots of enrichment to play with.

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Bear Michal at BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz

Adopt Michal, the three-legged bear who loves swimming

Michal was kept under terrible conditions in a Polish zoo, where he also lost his foreleg. Today he lives a species-appropriate life in our BEAR SANCTUARY Müritz. He is incredibly playful and loves to play with branches and sticks in the water. His missing foreleg doesn't stop him from anything.

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Tiger Tsezar at FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary

Adopt Tsezar, the friendly tiger who overcame his shyness 

Tsezar was exploited in a Ukrainian private club for years. We were able to bring him to our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary in 2021, where he finally gets the care he deserves. He was really shy when he arrived but with each day he gets more and more relaxed and enjoys the new surroundings.

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Bear Lili in her outdoor enclosure for the first time at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Adopt Lili, the happy bear

Lili had a rough start in life. She was kept on a bile bear farm in the Nghe An province in Vietnam. In our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, Lili got a second chance in life. Lili is incredibly active and curious about everything. She loves new enrichment and explores it enthusiastically.

Adopt Lili now

Your adoption makes a difference! It does not only contribute to the care of your adopted animal but helps to protect animals in need worldwide. We are working hard to end the farming of bile bears, stop the abuse of big cats and rescue animals from horrible keeping conditions. Your support does even more than that – it brings us one step closer to a world where people treat animals with empathy, respect and understanding. Donations are used where needed most.

your support makes aN impact!

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