is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.


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Press releases, blog posts, rescues, publications and other news: 

Orangutan orphan eating forest food

What Do Orangutans Love to Eat the Most?

Our orangutan orphans learn to choose and eat from the menu the the Bornean forest provides 

Baby Orangutan Indra

Rescue Indra

The infant orangutan found alone with suspicious injuries has started a new life at our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL

Relocation of the Beirut bears

Suffering “Beirut Bears” start new life in American sanctuary

FOUR PAWS flies two Syrian brown bears from Lebanon to Colorado

Animal market


What are zoonoses? Watch, learn and find out more in less than 3 minutes.

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Two dogs in the office

The Benefits of Dogs in the Office

Dog-friendly workspaces can be great for both people and the animals

Bear cubs exploited for selfies and petting interactions rescued in Ukraine

Bear cubs exploited for selfies and petting interactions rescued in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS transfers three six-month-old brown bear cubs to its bear sanctuary 

Mink farm

Animal protection organisations welcome Member States’ call for an end of fur farming in the EU at the Agriculture and Fishery Council meeting

FOUR PAWS joint press release with Eurogroup for Animals, Humane Society International and Fur Free Alliance

Bear in the grass

FAQs Collection

We have collected some frequently asked questions about our work, campaigns and animal welfare topics

Dog laying in bed

What Needs to Be Considered When Returning to Work

Guide for dog owners: how to adapt and prepare your dog to be left for longer periods on their own

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Our current Campaigns

Become part of our movement to end animal suffering! 


Pandemics and Animal Welfare: Support our demands for a world of higher animal welfare!

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Factory farming

The Illegal Puppy Trade

The online puppy trade is booming, and cruel puppy traders are profiting from people like you. #TracingTheTrade

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Live Animal Transport in Europe

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Live Animal Transport in Europe


Stolen. Killed. Eaten. End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

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Cats looking out of cafe in the cat meat trade


Bears are still kept in appalling conditions. Their owners often use them for profit. Whether for bile extraction, training hunting dogs or...

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Bears nose out of cage


With no clear rules and regulations within the European Union tigers are being bred, traded and moved with no one really knowing exactly ...

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Tiger laying down


This is the story of a stylish, fluffy wool pullover.

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Cute lamb

Our Key topics 

Help for Animals

COVID-19 & Animals

What you need to know and what can you do?

Companion Animals

Companion Animals

We work to ensure dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets get the love they deserve

FOUR PAWS work in Brussels

Work in Brussels

FOUR PAWS is making sure that animals are not neglected by politicians

Helping Farm Animals

Farm Animals

See what we're doing to help cattle, pigs, chickens, geese, sheep, and more farm animals

Team on mission

Disaster Relief for Animals

We are prepared to help, if a disaster strikes

Rescue in Vietnam

Wild Animals

Local and exotic wildlife suffer across a wide range of sectors, we're working to stop it

Team on a mission

Rapid Response for Animals

FOUR PAWS helps animals in the face of wars or in conflict zones

Helping Stray Animals

Help for Strays

We're working across the globe to help stray animals in need. This includes neutering projects

More Topics

Animal Rescues​​​​​​

Read more about our emotional animal rescues​​​​​ 

Baby Orangutan Bhima

Rescue Bhima

With a broken arm and no mother, baby orangutan Bhima needs special care

Jambolina looks over her new home

Rescue Jambolina

After many years in the circus, a new life is finally beginning for the brown bear

Dog Moo

Rescue Moo

FOUR PAWS was able to turn his life around

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Bear Mira at BEAR SANCTUARY Pristhina, Kosovo

New Home for Bears and Big Cats

Discover our sanctuaries and cooperation projects of FOUR PAWS


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Press Corner


Our press corner includes the latest international press releases of current animal welfare topics, operations, rescues and much more. 

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