Black bear in sanctuary in Islamabad, Pakistan

save bears in Pakistan

Help us protect Asian black bears from cruel and illegal practises

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Mink in fur farm in poland


As billions of animals are suffering in the EU this is a crucial moment for animal welfare 

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Bear Mici in Slovenia

Help the Bears in Slovenia

Five immediate steps to protect Slovenia’s captive bears

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Bear in a cage in Albania

Where are the bear cubs?

End illegal private bear keeping in Albania

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is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Recent Updates

Press releases, blog posts, rescues, publications and other news: 

Black bear receiving surgery in sanctuary in Islamabad, Pakistan

FOUR PAWS Rescues Two Baiting Bears Abused for Fighting in Punjab

Vets and wildlife experts support government in ending bear dancing and baiting

Rescue of lions in Sudan

Rescue The Sudan Lions

A journey from conflict to sanctuary

Dairy cattle

Us Bird Flu Outbreak: Factory Farming Is a Hotbed for Pandemics

FOUR PAWS urges WHO member states to tackle the root causes of zoonotic diseases in pandemic agreement

FOUR PAWS team and black bears in a Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan: FOUR PAWS Helps Bears Cruelly Exploited for Baiting and Dancing

Swift government action aims to end illegal bear keeping practices in the country

Black bear in sanctuary in Islamabad, Pakistan

Emergency Help for Bears in Pakistan

In cooperation with the local wildlife authorities, our team are making necessary adaptations to eclosures in the hope that we will rescue bear cubs.

Mink in fur farm in poland

European Elections 2024

As billions of animals are suffering in the European Union, a crucial decision for animals looms on the horizon with the upcoming elections in June

Mobile sterilisation camapign by FOUR PAWS in Thailand

World Stray Animal Day: “Every Dog and Cat Deserves a Loving Home”

FOUR PAWS has been helping strays in need for 25 years with veterinary care and community programs

FOUR PAWS employee protesting with banners for better animal protection laws in front of the European parliament in Brussels, Belgium

EU Elections: Brussels’ Top Five Fails in Animal Welfare

FOUR PAWS launches international campaign in the run-up to EU’s polls in June

Dog on leash

Springtime: Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Let wild animals raise their babies in peace

bear sleeping in grass

March Napness 2024

The Sleepiest Bear Competition is back. Who will be crowned the champion of sleep?

Laying hens inside tiny cages

The Dark Side of the Egg Industry

FOUR PAWS reveals the cruel practices of the industry and calls for an end of cage keeping

Group of young hares

Do Not Disturb Young Hares

Tips on how to help young wild animals

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Argentinian tiger


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Bear Michal


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Our Current Campaigns

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Fox in a cage at a fur farm


Woman standing next to rescued cow


Cute lamb


Cats looking out of cafe in the cat meat trade




Factory farming


Bears nose out of cage


Our Key Topics 

Bear Nastia at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr

Support Ukraine

Support the work of FOUR PAWS and help animals in need in times of war

Companion Animals

Companion Animals

We work to ensure dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets get the love they deserve

FOUR PAWS work in Brussels

Work in Brussels

FOUR PAWS is making sure that animals are not neglected by politicians

Helping Farm Animals

Farm Animals

See what we're doing to help cattle, pigs, chickens, geese, sheep, and more farm animals

Team on mission

Disaster Relief for Animals

We are prepared to help, if a disaster strikes

Rescue in Vietnam

Wild Animals

Local and exotic wildlife suffer across a wide range of sectors, we're working to stop it

Team on a mission

Rapid Response for Animals

FOUR PAWS helps animals in the face of wars or in conflict zones

Helping Stray Animals

Help for Strays

We're working across the globe to help stray animals in need. This includes neutering projects

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Bear Mark at BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach

New Home for Bears and Big Cats

Discover our sanctuaries and cooperation projects of FOUR PAWS


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