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Press, blog posts, rescues and other news: 

Pigs in stable

FOUR PAWS publishes meat-reduction-ranking on food producers

FRoSTA scored highest in FOUR PAWS ‘Atlas Challenge’ and first to sign commitment

Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

Help to Close a Second Dog Meat Slaughterhouse in Cambodia

A short window of opportunity to prevent the deaths of thousands of dogs

Live animal transport in Europe

EU Member States take action against legal violations on live animal transports

FOUR PAWS warns that without a comprehensive EU-wide solution, violations will continue

FOUR PAWS rescues two bear cubs from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

FOUR PAWS rescues two bear cubs from illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam

The cubs arrived at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh days before Vietnam announces ban on all wildlife trade

Tiger rescue in Germany and transfer to TIERART

Two former circus tigers retire to species-appropriate home in Germany

FOUR PAWS transfers Jill and Sahib to Animal and Species Protection Centre TIERART

Bear Melanka

Update Melanka & Leo

GREAT NEWS: Thanks to your support, more than 9,000 protest e-mails were sent to the State Management of Affairs in Ukraine.

Rats as pets

Pet Rats

Intelligent, playful, curious – rats can make great pets if kept in the right conditions.

Pools are a danger to animals

Swimming Pools Pose a Danger to Pets and Wildlife!

Having a swimming pool is fun, but there are risks for animals that can be prevented

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Our current Campaigns

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Live Animal Transport in Europe

Read more
Live Animal Transport in Europe


Stolen. Killed. Eaten. End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Read More
Cats looking out of cafe in the cat meat trade


Bears are still kept in appalling conditions. Their owners often use them for profit. Whether for bile extraction, training hunting dogs or...

Read More
Bears nose out of cage


With no clear rules and regulations within the European Union tigers are being bred, traded and moved with no one really knowing exactly ...

Take a Stand
Tiger laying down


This is the story of a stylish, fluffy wool pullover.

Learn More
Cute lamb

Our Key topics 

Help for Animals

COVID-19 & Animals

What you need to know and what can you do?

Companion Animals

Companion Animals

We work to ensure dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets get the love they deserve

FOUR PAWS work in Brussels

Work in Brussels

FOUR PAWS is making sure that animals are not neglected by politicians

Helping Farm Animals

Farm Animals

See what we're doing to help cattle, pigs, chickens, geese, sheep, and more farm animals

Team on mission

Disaster Relief for Animals

We are prepared to help, if a disaster strikes

Rescue in Vietnam

Wild Animals

Local and exotic wildlife suffer across a wide range of sectors, we're working to stop it

Team on a mission

Rapid Response for Animals

FOUR PAWS helps animals in the face of wars or in conflict zones

Helping Stray Animals

Help for Strays

We're working across the globe to help stray animals in need. This includes neutering projects

More Topics

Animal Rescues​​​​​​

Read more about our emotional animal rescues.​​​​​​ 

Rescued bear cub Mochi

Rescue Mochi

Tiny 2 kg bear cub saved in Vietnam from illegal wildlife traders

Orphan Damai arrives at the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL

Rescue Orangutan Damai

Help came just in time!

Hazel and Diana

Rescue Hazel and Diana

Two baby kittens that were thrown away like garbage

See all Rescues
Tigress Zita in LIONSROCK

New Home for Bears and Big Cats

Discover our sanctuaries and cooperation projects of FOUR PAWS


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