Stray Animal Care

There are countless stray dogs and cats worldwide. These homeless pets live a difficult life on the streets often suffering hunger, thirst and cruelty. FOUR PAWS employs a community-led approach to help strays and reduce their numbers in a humane and sustainable way, with the ultimate aim that no dog and cat has to suffer on the streets anymore.

FOUR PAWS' community-led approach includes the following components: Community Engagement; Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact; Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (CNVR); Responsible Pet Ownership; Shelter Adoption Programme; and Animal Assisted Interventions. 

Group of stray dogs

The Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Approach

The only humane and sustainable solution to protect millions of stray dogs and cats worldwide

Stray dog in Moldova

Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact

An essential component in the design of effective stray animal programmes

Community Engagement with FOUR PAWS team in Romania

Community Engagement

Empowering local communities to create a better future for dogs and cats

Dog laying in a dog bed

Responsible Pet Ownership Programme

Why is it so important for Stray Animal Care?

Shelter Adoption Programme

Shelter Adoption Programme

Designed to support a dog’s journey from the shelter to a loving home

Dog Kaya in Bulgaria

Animal Assisted Interventions

From stray to superhero: stray dogs with a mission to change attitudes


OUr work in Eastern Europe

FOUR PAWS is active in the stray animal care field for over two decades, with our first project to improve the lives of strays in 1999 in Romania. In Eastern Europe, FOUR PAWS aims to deliver strategic, sustainable and impactful projects alongside the local communities.

Stray dog in Constanta, Romania

Stray Animal Care in Romania

A journey towards humane dog population management

Cat laying in between leaves

Stray Animal Care in Bulgaria

Tackling Bulgaria’s stray animal challenge with compassion

Stray cat in Ukraine

Stray Animal Care in Ukraine

United for Ukraine’s homeless pets

Stray dog in Moldova

Stray Animal Care in Moldova

Bringing hope to Moldova’s strays


Our work in Southeast Asia

Since 2018, FOUR PAWS engages with a variety of local partners in Southeast Asia to deliver stray animal care projects involving rescues of sick and injured animals, and providing desperately needed medical help to animals in need.

Stray Animal Care in Vietnam

Cats are victims of a sinister trade

Stray cats in Cambodia

Stray Animal Care in Cambodia

FOUR PAWS provides lifesaving care for dogs and cats

Dog in front of a temple

Stray Animal Care on Silk Island, Cambodia

FOUR PAWS provides lifesaving care for dogs and cats


Stray Animal Care in Borneo, Indonesia

Helping cats, wildlife and communities

White dog

Stray Animal Care in Bali, Indonesia

FOUR PAWS and Program Dharma – saving dogs and cats 

Stray Animal Care in Thailand

Stray Animal Care in Thailand

Creating a better future for stray dogs and cats in Southern Thailand


More information about strays

We talk a lot about stray animals, but which dogs and cats are actually considered to be strays? And what else does FOUR PAWS do for these homeless pets? You find all answers here.

A group of stray dogs infront of an old car

Stray Animals: Pets Without a Home

Often seen as nuisances but in need of love, help and care

Help for strays

The 'STRAYS' Project

A scientific project to determine the most sustainable, effective, and efficient method of managing the number of stray dogs

Dog in Moldova

FAQs about Stray Animal Care

Everything you need to know about homeless pets and our work for them


For some stray Animals life changed a lot

Read our rescue stories & blog posts

Stray dogs

Stray animals need your help 

Support stray dogs and cats in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

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