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Rescue of Stray Animals in Southeast Asia

From misery to happiness – these dogs and cats got a second chance


Millions of stray animals in Southeast Asia suffer every day, living a poor life on the streets. Battling serious diseases and malnourishment, these animals are also in danger of the horrific dog and cat meat trade. In cooperation with different partners, FOUR PAWS works on tackling the immense stray overpopulation and helps animals in need.

Behind every rescued animal, there is a touching story. Having gone through hell, all these dogs and cats got the chance to heal and now experience what it means to live a safe life under loving care.

The list of stray animals in Southeast Asia is endless. Here are a few individual stories that will for sure touch your heart.

Rescue Stories Bali

In cooperation with Bali Animal Welfare Association



A true love story:

One day a shop owner noticed a sad-looking dog outside his store. Most of the dog's fur had fallen out, and he was scratching constantly. Once he received some treatment, he began to heal! He is much better, and – can you guess – was adopted by the shop owner!




Spotted at a temple by a tourist,

Jenny was reported to our partnership programme. Emaciated and battling severe skin problems, poor Jenny received urgently needed medical help and care. Already showing signs of improvement, she will hopefully find a loving forever home soon.




As one of the many dogs on the streets of Bali,

Dobby had a hard life. With terrible skin problems that caused her pain, she was rescued outside a local store, where she was begging for food. Luckily, this friendly pup has made a great recovery and – the best part – found a loving home!


Rescue Stories Vietnam

Together with PAWS for Compassion and Vietnam Cat Welfare



Thrown over a fence at night, 

Lantern was terrified and went into hiding for days, refusing to eat or drink. Finally, out of desperation, the cat came out. Cold and starving, she needed help fast. Today Lantern is a gentle cat, loving nothing more than cuddles and love. See more!


Banh Bao


Dumped on the street

at 3 months old, this puppy was found incredibly weak. He suffered from severe skin problems and was covered in sores from scratching himself. Thanks to the care provided by Paws for Compassion, the little fighter is now on his way to becoming a healthy, happy dog!




Hit by a motorbike,

poor Bruno suffered major head trauma and other injuries, which led to him losing his sight in both eyes. Bruno's road to recovery was long, but it did not dampen his amazing spirit. This adorable dog met the foster family of his dreams, who fell in love with him and adopted him. 


Rescue Stories Borneo

In cooperation with Pro Natura



Little Kuren must have been in unimaginable pain

when he was found. Someone had tied a rubber band around his leg, which cut into his flesh over time, deforming his paw and causing his claws to fall out. Now, under medical care, we hope he will find a loving home once fully recovered.


Pom, Piji & Elpi


Mother cat Pom was weak

and emaciated when rescued at a gas station with her babies. She was severly dehydrated but wouldn't eat. Thankfully, once she felt more comfortable, she started to eat and soon regained her strength. Today, Pom, Piji and Elpi, are healthy cats – and ready for forever homes.


Gamma, Delta & Alpha


Abandoned and left to fend for themselves,

this cat family was found on the streets of Borneo. Thanks to our partnership programme Pro Natura, Alpha and her babies got the care they needed and will hopefully find loving homes once old enough.


Rescue Stories Thailand

Together with Lanta Animal Welfare



As one of hundreds of dogs,

At just 10 months of age, Birdie found herself living a sad life in an overcrowded government-owned shelter, having to compete with older dogs and battling horrible skin diseases. Today, her wounds have healed and she has put on weight. Let's hope she'll find a home soon!


Nam Peung


Suffering from cancer,

this girl was seriously ill, when she was found at a government shelter. Luckily, thanks to the right medical treatment, she got the chance to heal – and start a new life: Today, known as Nanoo, healthy and happy, she gets all the love she deserves in her new forever home.




Because of his bad condition,

Finnigan was rescued from a government shelter. He was emaciated and suffering from malnutrition and a serious blood infection. Thanks to intensive care and a specific feeding programme, Finnigan has gained weight and is becoming a healthy, happy dog.


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