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Summer Treats for Cats

Read how you can make summer a great season for your cat with our summer ideas


Feeding cats a balanced diet is a difficult task, simply due to the fact that they are dependent on nutrients that they can only find in their natural form in animal sources. While you can offer your feline friends fruit and vegetables as a refreshment in the summertime, these should not be seen as a staple food. To help you choose safe options, we have put together a small selection of safe fruit and vegetables that can be used as a summer refreshment.

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A selection of healthy fruit


Although this fruit is rich in many vitamins, fibres and minerals) and safe for cats, your cat may not be able to tolerate them. Do not give bananas if your cat is overweight or suffers from diabetes, as bananas contain relatively high levels of sugar1.


This delicious fruit is rich in fibre and various vitamins2. Only offer your cat the pure flesh.


Similar to mangoes, kiwis also contain fibre and many vitamins (A, C, E, K) as well as potassium. However, remember that too much can lead to an upset stomach3.


Pineapple offers many important vitamins (A, B6, E and K) as well as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron and magnesium, to name just a few ingredients1. But please be warned that this tropical fruit is only healthy for your cat if it is fed in moderation; otherwise it can cause vomiting and diarrhoea4.

Cat-Friendly Water Bowl

A selection of healthy vegetables


These vegetables are low in calories and contain vitamins, minerals and fibre5. Make sure to only use the flesh of the courgette and not the skin.


Given in moderation, spinach is healthy for your cat as it contains important vitamins as well as iron and calcium6. Do not give your cat spinach if it is prone to developing urinary bladder stones7.


High in fibre and low in calories, fats and sugars8, it can be a suitable part of a summer refreshment for your cat if he likes this vegetable.

Cat eating

Recipe idea for delicious cat-friendly Tuna Frozen Delight


  • One pack of sustainable tuna including juice
  • Water
  • Ice cube moulds


Puree the tuna and add water until the mixture has a creamy consistency, then pour the mixture into the ice cube moulds and place them in the freezer to freeze. After a few hours, the cat ice cream with tuna is ready. It is best served in a small bowl.

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Summer Treats for Dogs

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