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February 2024

Our updates and stories in February

Rescued lioness at LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Lions Rescued From Sudan Find New Home in South Africa

FOUR PAWS transfers eleven lions to its LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary

Fox on a fur farm

Real Fur: Fashion Brand Max Mara Lags Behind

Max Mara is one of the last international fashion brands continuing to sell real fur

cow in dairy farm

EU Commissioners avoid the Cow in the Room

FOUR PAWS condemns missed opportunity in EU 2040 climate targets

Live animal transport

FOUR PAWS Statement on Recent Cases of Cruel Live Animal Transport

FOUR PAWS condemns the ongoing practice of live animal transport by sea 

Broiler chickens

FOUR PAWS Alarmed by Dangerous Bird Flu Mutation

Possible mammal-to-mammal infection poses a threat to wildlife and raises concerns about a new human pandemic

Dog wearing a harness

The Right Harness for Your Dog

Criteria for a good fit and comfort


January 2024

Our updates and stories in January

Two brown bear cubs held close to a restaurant in Albania

Commercial Wildlife Trade in Albania Still Out of Control

FOUR PAWS discovers dozens of cases of abused and exploited big cats and bears

Hotel staff in a hotel restaurant

Climate Crisis Not on Vacation

New FOUR PAWS industry ranking calls on Hilton, Marriott & Co. to improve animal welfare

Door is opening to a hotel room

Hotel Companies

Are global hotel companies prioritising meat and dairy reduction as part of their animal welfare and climate action goals?

Working group event for the betterment of cats and dogs’ lives in Vietnam

First ever working group event for the betterment of cats and dogs’ lives in Vietnam

FOUR PAWS advocates for humane treatment of companion animals and pandemic prevention

FOUR PAWS veterinarian Marina Ivanova with a rescued lion in Sudan

Rescued from Conflict Zones Twice

FOUR PAWS recently evacuated nearly 50 wild animals from war-torn Khartoum

Bear Na in her outdoor enclosure at BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh

Rescue Bear Na

The asiatic black bear is enjoying her outdoor enclosure

Injured lion in Sudan

Worrying Developments

Our team is back in Sudan

Bear Dasha

FAQs on Species-Appropriate Sanctuaries

What makes a good wild animal sanctuary or rescue centre

Lions Ivan and Cornel

FAQs on FOUR PAWS Sanctuaries

What makes FOUR PAWS wild animal sanctuaries special

Cat with a FOUR PAWS team member in Cambodia

Free Vaccination Event at Buddhist Temple in Bangkok

FOUR PAWS and partners enhance health of feline friends

Lioness Vasylyna

Together at last

Lions Nikola and Vasylyna were successfully socialised at FELIDA

Two dogs at a lake

Joyful Swimming for Dogs

Water safety tips for dog swimming

Dog playground

How to Find Good Dog Trainers and Dog Schools

Not every dog school fits you and your best friend

Bear cub Andor

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