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Leave a Gift in Your Will

Your promise to animals in need – help us to be there in the future

The compassion you show in life can have a lasting impact on the lives of animals around the world. By leaving a gift in your Will to support ongoing animal protection, you are helping to create a kinder future for animals. Your legacy will help support our important work to reveal suffering, rescue more animals in need and protect them. And it will bring us one step closer to a world where people treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Our promise to you

  • Your Will is personal to you and confidential. We won’t ever request that you share it with us.
  • We are here to help and answer any questions you may have in regard to leaving a gift to FOUR PAWS in your Will.
  • You can change your mind at any time.
  • If you make a bequest to FOUR PAWS, we promise to use it in the best way possible to help animals in need. If you have specific expectations about the use of your gift, please reach out to us so we can verify that your wishes can be fulfilled.

Leave a lasting impact like Sylvie

Sylvie has included a gift to FOUR PAWS in her Will

Sylvie, a true animal lover – and friend – has included a gift in her Will to FOUR PAWS to make sure that her passion for animals lives on when she is no longer here to look after the causes that she cares about. “Animals have a soul, but they don’t have anybody that advocates for them.” 

Getting started

What to consider when writing your Will

Whether you’re writing your first Will or simply updating your current Will, including a gift to FOUR PAWS (VIER PFOTEN International) is a meaningful yet easy way to create your legacy. By having a Will, you ensure that your wishes for your loved ones and any charity you support will be clearly understood and carried out.

When you start to think about your Will and the future of your estate, begin by asking yourself these three simple but important questions:

  • What have I got?

This is a summary of all of your assets such as your house, car, money in the bank etc.

  • How do I want my assests distributed?

You may want to divide your assests between family members, friends or charities, for example.

  • Who will do this for me?

You will appoint an Executor(s), who will take care of the distribution of your estate when the time comes.

It is recommend to use a legal advisor when it comes to Will writing. If you don’t have a legal adviser you can search for advisers through your country’s legal body. Contact us if you need any help and we will be happy to support you.

How to make a bequest to FOUR PAWS in your Will

While many people imagine this to be an overwhelming process, the steps are straightforward and relatively simple:

  • Find a solicitor, legal advisor or notary
  • Start putting together specific wording for your Will, for example:

    “I give x to VIER PFOTEN International, Registered Charity number FN227934y, VIER PFOTEN International – gemeinnützige Privatstiftung, Linke Wienzeile 236, 1150 Vienna, Austria for its general charity purposes”. 

    If you would like to support a specific project, kindly get in touch with us first.
  • Include charity details:
    To ensure that your gift goes to FOUR PAWS, you will need to include our full name as a legal entity, address, and registered charity numbers. FOUR PAWS was founded in Austria and therefore is an Austrian legal entity. The details are as follows:

    VIER PFOTEN International gemeinnützige Privatstiftung
    Linke Wienzeile 236, 1150 Vienna, Austria 
    Registered Charity number: FN 227934y

Types of gifts

There are three different types of gifts you can leave in your Will to support the important work of FOUR PAWS:

  • A percentage of your estate: This is typically a portion of what is left after you have remembered family and friends (a residuary gift).
  • A sum of money (a pecuniary gift)
  • A specific item, such as an antique, painting, property or shares that we would sell.

For Executors

If you are administering an estate that includes a gift for FOUR PAWS, our charity details are:
VIER PFOTEN Internationalgemeinnützige Privatstiftung
Linke Wienzeile 236, 1150 Vienna, Austria 
Registered Charity number: FN 227934y

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Beatrice Heintz

International Legacy Specialist

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