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A new home for abused elephants

Elephants are caring and highly intelligent animals, remembering pain. But some are ripped away from their families at a young age and tortured for weeks on end

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Hundreds of bears are about to die!

Bears in Vietnam live a terrible life in tiny cages where they can barely move

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Please make a difference for our big cats!

Species appropriate home for more than 100 animals. The animals in our care were rescued from a history of circuses, zoos and private keeping.

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Help wild horses!

FOUR PAWS protects 500 wild horses in the Danube Delta. The horses are being captured and sold for large amounts of money.


Stray animals need our help!

No animal willingly becomes a stray. Humans are those who abandon their supposedly beloved pets. Strays multiply uncontrollably. 

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FOUR PAWS helps oRANGUTAN orphans

The education of orangutan orphans takes several years

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