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Live animal markets

Sign our petition to make animal welfare a global priority

Together we can prevent the outbreak of future pandemics

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Crule fur industry

It’s Time to End the Deadly Fur Trade!

Call on all countries to ban fur farms!

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Pigs in a truck

Stop Live Animal Transport

Every year more than three million live animals are transported from the EU to third countries.

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Lambs in Australia

Protect lambs from mulesing

Every year millions of Australian lambs raised for wool production continue to suffer the brutal mutilation practice of mulesing

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Urge Industries to take Action

The global increase of meat consumption comes at a high cost to the billions of factory-farmed animals, and also local wildlife

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Tiger suffer EU Tiger Trade

Together we can Ban EU Tiger Trade

The tiger is an endangered species. The world lost already over 90 per cent of its tigers and there are only an estimated 3,900 tigers left in the wild

Bile bear in a small cage

End bile bear farming in vietnam!

Approximately 1,300 bears are still living in tiny cages and are used for bile extraction

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Coca Cola must end animal abuse

Coca Cola must end animal abuse

Help us tell Coca Cola to never allow such animal suffering again

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Lion in a poor condition

Stop the lion hunt in South Africa!

Over 7,000 lions are held in captivity at over 260 breeding farms across South Africa

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