Dog and cat meat trade investigation in Vietnam

Highway to Hell

An investigation into the illegal trade of dogs and cats through Ha Tinh province, Vietnam


In 2022, FOUR PAWS conducted a covert investigation in Ha Tinh, Vietnam, to uncover the dark reality of the dog and cat meat trade. Investigators documented extensive trafficking of dogs and cats along main highways throughout Ha Tinh, often in the luggage hold of passenger buses, to supply restaurants in the province and beyond. Further evidence was gathered of dogs and cats being transported and held in unsanitary, highly stressful conditions, as well as brutal killing methods being employed at slaughter sites. 

Each year, more than six million dogs and cats are brutally slaughtered in Vietnam. The majority of these animals are stolen pets or community and stray animals taken from the streets to supply the trade. The sheer scale of the trade and the suffering involved makes it one of the most severe companion animal welfare issues in Vietnam, Asia, if not the world. 

For the first time, witness exclusive footage revealing the disturbing journey from capture to slaughter. By exposing these harsh truths, Highway to Hell aims to ignite change and raise awareness about this cruel industry to #ProtectMillions. 

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Our investigation has provided compelling evidence of the illegal trafficking of dogs and cats through Ha Tinh, Vietnam, to supply the dog and cat meat trade. We have documented and captured extensive footage of the collection, transport, and cruel slaughter of dogs and cats, as well as conversations with those involved in all aspects of the trade.

You can read our detailed report and findings here:

Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

The illegal trade of dogs and cats through Ha Tinh province, Vietnam

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