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Unveiling the Truth

Interview with SLAY documentary director Rebecca Cappelli on the heartbreaking reality of animal cruelty in fashion


Most of us could never justify animal suffering for the sake of fashion, and yet billions of animals are used each year to bolster the relentless and largely profit driven textiles industry.
The SLAY Documentary stands as a potent exposé, peeling back the layers of concealed realities within the fashion industry. Directed by the perceptive Rebecca Cappelli, SLAY transcends being a mere film, and instead, it's a poignant wake-up call, a captivating journey into the intricate connections between fashion and the silent suffering of animals.

In this interview, we engage with Cappelli to delve into the profound impact of the fashion industry on the wellbeing of animals, as illuminated by her groundbreaking documentary, SLAY. Read on for insights into her motivations and discoveries, and don't miss the chance to experience SLAY firsthand if you haven't already!

As consumers, we wield the power to make conscious choices in what we wear — this knowledge empowers us to contribute positively to the protection of animals, people, and the planet.

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Q&A with SLAY Director Rebecca Cappelli

When did you realise your fashion choices contributed to animal suffering?

I realised it at the same moment I understood my food choices were harming animals. I looked at my luxury handbag and I recognised leather meant a skinned animal.

Why focus on animal suffering in fashion for your film?

Animals have been completely left out of the sustainable and ethical fashion conversation. I wanted to change that.

What surprised you during SLAY's creation? 

I was really shocked at the scale – 2.5 billion animals are skinned for fashion each year. Also how most brands do not make any effort to trace skins in their supply chain. The harms of the wool industry, including issues such as mulesing, were also amongst the most shocking I came across.

How do you describe SLAY?

SLAY is an investigative documentary that takes a profound dive into the animal skin trade involving fur, leather, and wool across the globe. Filmed in 7 countries, the documentary refrains from graphic scenes, choosing instead to present the harsh reality without explicit visuals, making it accessible to a broader audience.

What gives you hope for fashion ethics?

Material innovation and the growth of the next-gen material industry gives me hope. These materials are superior to any animal-derived counterparts, more environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free, which holds the potential to render the use of animal skins in fashion completely obsolete once these alternatives are available at scale.

The SLAY documentary serves as an important reminder that our fashion choices carry profound consequences, urging us to foster a deeper understanding of the impact our choices have on the lives of countless animals. Don't miss the chance to enlighten yourself on the realities of animal use in fashion by finding SLAY on Prime Video, iTunes/Apple TV, and for free on WaterBear.
Together we can align our choices with compassion and contribute to a more ethical and sustainable future in the world of fashion. If you’ve already seen the documentary and found it enlightening, why not share it with your own networks today and help educate your friends and family!

Together, we can create an animal friendly fashion future and protect innocent animals from suffering.

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Reducing animal suffering in the fashion industry


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