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Two million people across the world unite to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia

We have reached a huge milestone, and we want to thank each and every one of you


Since 2019, the campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia has received overwhelming global support, demonstrating the urgent need for change. Every year, over nine million dogs and one million cats are brutally slaughtered for the trade in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia – and now two million people across the globe have demanded an end to this unimaginable cruelty. We have reached a huge milestone, and it would not have been possible without you. 

Following the launch of the campaign, our teams across the world have worked tirelessly to end the barbaric trade and we are so proud of our achievements to date.


Slaughterhouses & Trafficking

Slaughterhouses & Trafficking

We have closed four major slaughterhouses and intercepted two transport trucks.

Lives Saved

Lives Saved

Rescued 214 dogs and cats and saved thousands more from being killed each year.

Livelihood Conversions

Livelihood Conversions

As part of our work, we have also supported the livelihood conversions of slaughterhouse owners into more sustainable and cruelty-free futures.

Political WOrk

  • As part of our work in Vietnam, Hoi An People’s Committee signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding with FOUR PAWS to phase out the dog and cat meat trade and become Vietnam’s first tourist-friendly city.
  • FOUR PAWS has become the first animal welfare organisation to join the One Health Partnership Framework for Zoonoses Control in Vietnam, forming a new working group to specifically tackle issues relating to companion animals.
  • In Cambodia, we hosted our first ‘Pet Expo’ in Siem Reap, where key ministerial stakeholders and provincial authorities came together to discuss the impacts of the dog meat trade on Cambodia’s tourism and public health.
  • As part of our work as members of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition, we have seen bans on the trade introduced in 22 cities and regencies across the country, including the capital city of Jakarta. 
Live market in Indonesia with dogs in cages awaiting slaughter


 We are incredibly proud to have been joined by 85 global travel businesses that have pledged to protect people and animals from the dangers of the trade. 

Demand an end to this cruel trade

Your Achievements

Every time we’ve asked for your help, we are so grateful that you have taken the time to stand alongside us and demand change. In addition to the two million supporters that signed the petition, more than:

  • 33,000 of you sent letters to the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam asking for an end to the trade in Vietnam.
  • 24,000 of you wrote to the National Tourism Boards of Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia urging for an immediate end to the trade.
  • 15,000 of you wrote to the UK and US ambassadors in Vietnam urging them to use their position within the One Health Partnership to end the trade. 
  • 15,000 of you ran over 2,000,000 KM in Vietnam to demonstrate support to ending the trade.
  • 13,500 of you wrote to the Ministry of Tourism, pressing for an end to the trade in Vietnam.  

What happens now?


You should be so proud to reach this amazing milestone. Two million people have said ‘no’ to the dog and cat meat trade. We will be presenting this petition to the governments in the region, your signatures providing vital support to our ongoing work to end the cruel trade. There is still a long way to go before we see an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia but with more than two million voices behind us, we will continue to close slaughterhouses, rescue animals and lobby decision makers at every level to introduce laws that ban the trade and ends the cruelty.  

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