Here are some statements by members of the FOUR PAWS Executive Board:

Heli Dungler

FOUR PAWS Founder and Chairman


‘I hope that one day our mission to help animals becomes redundant! We human beings must learn that treating animals with respect is the only way that we can live together.’

Josef Pfabigan

Member of the FOUR PAWS Executive Board


‘I care deeply about sustainable animal welfare. In order to realise our FOUR PAWS vision, we need a stable basis – in social, legal and economic terms!’


Gerald Kaufmann

Member of the FOUR PAWS Executive Board


‘Animal welfare means respect for life and nature, as well as showing consideration for the weak. A society can only profit from that.’

Martin Hojsik

Member of the FOUR PAWS Executive Board


‘Together we can even achieve the impossible in order to improve the conditions for animals worldwide. FOUR PAWS aims to touch and mobilise people, so that we create a joint effort for a better world.’


A world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

four paws mission

To be a strong, global and independent voice for animals under human control.

  • Creating sustainable solutions for animals in need
  • Touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour
  • Driving legal change
  • Building powerful partnerships