Good-natured, patient and trusting, sheep are sociable herd animals. They have a natural lifespan of up to 20 years and studies reveled they are able to recognise the faces of at least 50 other individual sheep. Across the planet, sheep are kept for their wool, an indispensable product in the fashion world. The wool of white sheep is preferred, this is the origin of the idiom 'black sheep', whose wool is less valued by industry.

Worth knowing about sheep

A flock of sheep

10 Facts about Sheep

Did you know, that sheep are very gentle animals?

Zoe was rescued from a fur farm

Shopping Guide for Animal-Friendly Fashion

From wool to down – have a heart for animals when shopping 

Sheep in a meadow

Life Expectancy of Sheep

Comparing the natural lifespan of sheep with their lifespan in intensive farming paints a sad picture


the suffering of sheep

Wool is one of the clothing industry's favourite products. But many consumers are unaware of the vast animal suffering behind wool production. Sheep are held in cruel conditions, are exposed to painful surgery and are transported for weeks over long distances. 

Sheep for wool production

Sheep Wool

Painful mutilations – the bloody business of sheep wool production

Animal Charity

Suffering for Luxury Mohair

How angora goats are cruelly farmed for their soft hair

Sheep in a barn

The Torment of Sheep in the Wool and Meat Industry

Lamb or mutton – the suffering in sheep husbandry



has been working for decades to improve conditions of farm animals

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