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South Africa wants better protection for big cats

94% of South Africans say big cats should be better protected by the country’s laws and regulations


FOUR PAWS commissioned public polling to understand the public’s awareness of the big cat trade industry in South Africa. The results reveal there is a lack of awareness surrounding the cruelty and animal welfare concerns in the big cat trade industry and that more awareness is needed. The overwhelming majority of people agree that the country’s reputation is damaged by the live export of big cats and trophy hunting.

Other key outcomes include:

  • 71% Agree that the South African Government should include other big cats in the upcoming legislation
  • 66% Do not support big cat farming for commercial purposes in South Africa
  • 81% Prefer to see big cats in the wild, as opposed to in captivity
  • 81% Are proud of South African wildlife
  • 50% Are not aware that tigers (non-native species) are being farmed in South Africa
  • 82% Agree that tigers should not be kept on private property or as pets
  • 68% Agree that South Africa’s reputation is damaged because of the export of captive big cats from the country
  • 67% Two in three people have visited a farm or animal encounter centre where they could interact with big cats
  • 91% Agree that the public should be made aware of big cat farming and trade

The polling comes at a crucial time when the South African Government is reviewing its biodiversity and wildlife policies. We urge the South African Government to consider the voice of the South African people in the implementation of the Biodiversity White Paper and take their views into account.

See our infographic below: 

Big cat polling_Infographic
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