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Companies and Trade Associations committed to protect millions from the dog and cat meat trade


We are grateful to have the support of companies who have joined us to stop the dog and cat meat trade in South East Asia.

Thank you for signing our Travel Pledge and supporting us. Together, we can end this threat to humans and animals!

Join us!

Together, to proTect millions

of people and animals in Southeast Asia

Adventure Travel Trade Association 

"Our ultimate objective is to eliminate practices that have a negative impact on the welfare of animals or that threaten fragile natural habitats and their wildlife. Therefore, with the help of FOUR PAWS, we are one step closer in protecting animals."

Adventure World Travel 

"We're proud to show our support for FOUR PAWS and their incredible efforts to stop practices that are harming innocent animals. As a travel company who sends so many travellers to Southeast Asia each year, we feel it is important to show we care about the welfare of the people and animals in this region."

Neil Rodgers, Managing Director, Adventure World Travel

Asia Magics Travel 

"We are lucky because we are human, we can own our lives but the animals cannot. They need to be loved and protected. Asia Magics Travel team are proud to support FOUR PAWS to protect dogs and cats from the meat trade in Southeast Asia."

Asien Direkt GmbH 

"Die Haustiere und auch alle anderen Tiere benötigen viel mehr Schutz weltweit und weder kulturelle, religiöse noch gesellschaftliche oder traditionelle Gegebenheiten rechtfertigen eine Ausbeutung oder Quälerei. Ein Umdenken ist überfällig deshalb unterstützen wir diese Forderung von VIER PFOTEN."

Andy Kuhn, Asien Direkt GmbH 

Charitable Travel 

"We stand with FOUR PAWS to protect the innocence of our extended fur family, and end the abhorrent trade in dog and cat meat."

Melissa Tilling, CEO, Charitable Travel  

Diethelm Travel 

"Our ultimate objective is to eliminate practices that have a negative impact on the welfare of animals or that threaten fragile natural habitats and their wildlife. Therefore, with the help of FOUR PAWS, we are one step closer in protecting animals."


"We have signed the pledge because protecting animals and betterment of care is a key focus for Discova. We believe that animal-friendly tourism is both possible and necessary, and encourage others to support this initiative."

Easia Travel

"Passionate lovers of our environment, we are heavily integrated with the destinations and communities we operate in. Indigenous flora and fauna are an essential part of what entices travellers to our environments and without the rich tapestry of insects, mammals and other animals (both wild and domestic), our destinations would lose a large part of their enticing allure.  


We are proud to join FOUR PAWS pledge to support the wellbeing of animals and encourage local authorities to help end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia."

Exodus Travels 

"We and our clients take the welfare of animals across our destinations very seriously, so we are delighted to see the vital work of FOUR PAWS in eliminating this cruel trade and engaging communities in better protecting companion animals across Southeast Asia."


"We fully support the work FOUR PAWS is undertaking to stop the dog and cat meat trade, the frightening conditions in which the animals are kept, the cruelty involved and the numerous diseases that can be transmitted."

Prue Stone, Head of Sustainability, Explore  

Explore Real Asia 

"Explore Real Asia has signed the pledge with FOUR PAWS fully committed to protect millions of people and animals from the dog and cat meat trade with our spiritual: dogs and cats are our lovely pets, we need to secure them!"

Global Work and Travel

"We try to help animals as much as we possibly can, so it was completely natural to us to want to put forward our name to helping end the dog and cat meat trade. Having travelled to a variety of developing countries, I have seen many unpleasant conditions for animals, especially ones that are soon to be slaughtered. As humans, we should try to give our voices as much as we can to the animals that cannot speak."

Jürgen Himmelmann, CEO, Global Work and Travel  

Guiding Cambodia 

"We believe the animal footprints can make a “Think Big” to the humanity to think of animal welfare and environmentally friendly manner."

ICS Travel Group 

"We are passionate animal lovers. For us, the welfare of animals is as important as the protection of local communities and the conservation of the environment as a whole. The entire team of the ICS Travel Group is delighted and proud to support FOUR PAWS’s initiative to protect dogs and cats from the meat trade throughout our region."

Inspired Adventures 

"As a company who facilitate worldwide fundraising adventure travel, we have always had Responsible Travel policies in place to ensure the animals, people and places that we visit are well looked after. It is important that we recognise our position within the travel industry to advocate for positive change. So, it was a no-brainer for us to sign the FOUR PAWS pledge to end the dog and cat meat trade in Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam."

Justine Curtis, CEO, Inspired Adventures  

Lifesigns Groups / Adventure Lifesigns 

"Having worked in the developing world for over 20 years, I have seen first-hand the cruelty and abuse that some animals needlessly suffer. I therefore wholeheartedly support the work that FOUR PAWS are trying to achieve globally."

Alistair Cole, CEO, Lifesigns Groups

Luxperia Collective 

"LUXPERIA COLLECTIVE pledges to help prevent further trade of dog and cat meat in association with FOUR PAWS as effort to offer education to local communities and protect the innocent."

Linh Le, Principal Co-Founder

Manase Travel Studio

"Manase Travel Studio are very proud to be a part of FOUR PAWS journey to stop the dog and cat meat trade. We are so lucky to have amazing people in the world like FOUR PAWS that are working so hard to support the animals. Every animal in the world should have the right to a fun and loving live so we will forever support this pledge. Thank you for all of your hard work FOUR PAWS, we really appreciate you."

Pod Volunteer 

"We are committed to promoting animal welfare through our volunteering programmes and are proud to support FOUR PAWS in their critical work to protect millions of animals from the dog and cat meat trade."

The Different Travel Company

"We firmly believe in the work FOUR PAWS are doing to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia and are delighted to pledge our support to this campaign."
Sarah Burgess, Founder, The Different Travel Company

Travel Asia a la Carte

"Our guests overwhelmingly come from countries where pets are part of their daily life and families. The thought of some people eating dog and cat is enough to stop guests travelling to Southeast Asia. We wholeheartedly support FOUR PAWS in its efforts to prevent animal suffering, and end the dog and cat meat trade in the region."

Steve Lidgey, General Manager, Travel Asia a la Carte

Wetouring Travel Sales Representation 

"We are honoured to support FOUR PAWS on protecting the animals, local communities and consequently reducing the risks for tourists. We believe that it’s a very important action that should be supported by local authorities and travel companies. As a travel representation company, we are 100% implicated on promoting responsible and sustainable tourism to preserve welfare." 

Albert Sanchez Ramos, Founder and General Manager



"We whole-heartedly support the work of FOUR PAWS and their efforts to stop the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, to also prevent further life-threatening diseases from spreading due to this cruel practice."

If you want to add your name to the list of companies, who support us and our campaign to End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade, you can contact us directly or sign the pledge.

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