Arosa bear sanctuary


The first bear sanctuary in Switzerland

The first Swiss bear sanctuary, Arosa Bear Sanctuary, is under construction on an area of three hectares in the municipality of Arosa. The FOUR PAWS sanctuary is being built in cooperation with the Arosa tourism board.

Arosa Bear Sanctuary currently provides shelter to a single male bear originating from Serbia, Napa. He was the very last Serbian circus bear. Napa was held in a tiny cage for many years until he was seized by the Serbian authorities in collaboration with FOUR PAWS in October 2016. Up until his transfer to Arosa Bear Sanctuary on 04.07.2018, Napa had a temporary home in Palic Zoo in northern Serbia. Napa won’t be alone for long as more bears are likely to be transferred to Arosa Bear Sanctuary in spring of 2019. 

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Sustainable animal welfare fuses with modern tourism

Arosa Bear Sanctuary connects animal welfare and touristic development, creating a 'win-win' situation for both sides. On the one hand, it enables FOUR PAWS to house yet more rescued bears in appropriate conditions, while on the other, the municipality of Arosa has the opportunity to develop a sustainable form of tourism. Thus, the protection of animals and nature will be made accessible to the wider public in an exciting and natural way. Last but not least, the project aims to raise the acceptance of the bears among the local population.  

A new bear sanctuary in the Swiss mountains

The bears, formerly held in poor conditions, will find an animal-friendly home on an area of three hectares in the Swiss mountains. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is being built on the Weisshorn mountain at an altitude of around 1,500 metres above sea level. It is situated close to the cable car's middle station, right next to the skiing area.

Developing bear instincts

In the large, richly structured enclosures, the bears will find a habitat that corresponds to their natural needs. Besides areas for bathing and retreat, various activities are planned to keep the bears occupied. In order to motivate the bears and encourage the development of their instincts, their food will be hidden in new spots every day. Like in the wild, the animals will spend most of their day looking for food. A nature trail and viewing platform will offer visitors to Arosa an exhilarating and educative insight into the life of the bears.