Tigress Varvara at TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary

A cooperation between FOUR PAWS and TIERART e.V. in Germany since 2013


TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary houses and cares for numerous native wild animals such as foxes, badgers, wild cats, hares, deer, raccoons, dormice and hedgehogs. Since 2015 the FOUR PAWS wild animal sanctuary can house rescued big cats in a species-appropriate way, as well as providing a life-long home to a number of other animal species who cannot be released and live at the sanctuary, including a large herd of sheep and goats.

Since 2017, TIERART has been operating a sanctuary for lynx in cooperation with the EU-LIFE-LUCHS project. Here, injured or orphaned lynx from the reintroduction programme are taken in, cared for and subsequently reintroduced into the wild. In recent years, further enclosures for wildcats, pastel foxes, red foxes and raccoons could be planned and built.

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Many of the animals are staying at TIERART for rearing or medical care. Therefore, visitors can experience the sanctuary only on select days. Guided tours lead through the sanctuary or, additionally, through one of the exhibitions. 

It is also possible to experience one day as a caregiver at our sanctuary. You can directly help to provide for our animals by feeding them or coming up with ideas and undertaking enrichment activities.



In 2000, the association

TIERART e.V bought a former US Army barrack to rehome exotic and native wild animals. In 2013, the cooperation between TIERART and FOUR PAWS began. FOUR PAWS supported the construction of species appropriate facilities for big cats. In July 2015, the first big cat enclosures were completed.




Where to find us

Tierartstraße 1, 66506 Maßweiler, Germany

You can find more contact information here – it is just 35 minutes from Kaiserslautern (by car), find us on Google Maps


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Tigress Varvara at TIERART

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