Pet mice – 10 facts worth knowing

10 Facts about Pet Mice

They are the domesticated form of the house mouse and belong to a fascinating species


Here are ten interesting facts about the little rodents you might not have known...

  • Males are called 'bucks': Buck is the lesser-known name for male pet mice; usually they are simply referred to as 'male mice'.
  • The tail of a pet mouse is almost as long as its body: As well as this extraordinary length, it is characterised by its scale rings.
  • Pet mice sense the surface they’re walking on through their whiskers. Using their 'vibrissae', or whiskers, the animals scan their surroundings and are able to orient themselves even in darkness.
  • Pet mice are very sporty: Their activities include balancing, climbing, jumping and swimming.
  • Mice are clean, tidy and organised: In their underground 'apartments' they have special areas for sleeping, storing food and going to the toilet.
  • Mice are thieves: At least, if you take its name as a basis. Allegedly, the word 'mouse' is derived from the Sanskrit verb 'mū', which means "to steal".
  • Mickey Mouse was the world’s first animated mouse: His first movie was 'Steamboat Willie' which was premiered in 1928.
  • In 1997 the first mouse was cloned: 'Cumulina' lived to the ripe old age of two years and seven months (the equivalent of 95 human years).
  • 'Three blind mice' – a nursery rhyme with a dark past: They were three Protestant loyalists accused of conspiring against England’s Queen Mary I (personified as the 'farmer's wife'). The men were burned at the stake.
Pet mice snack between 15-20 times a da

Pet mice snack between 15-20 times a day! 

That is why they love to live near inexhaustible paradises of food like the kitchen.

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