mutilation of farm animals

We oppose the adaptation of animals to fit the farm environment

Sadly, surgery on farm animals is still permitted without anaesthesia up to a certain age. It used to be commonly believed that young animals do not experience pain to the same extent as older ones. This assumption has long been proven wrong. However, farmers continue to carry out surgery without anaesthesia for an obvious reason: to save money. Expert anaesthesia must be administered by a vet. In contrast to pets like cats and dogs, where there is no question of surgery being performed without an anaesthetic, economic profit takes precedence in the case of farm animals. Even where extremely painful procedures are undertaken, the well-being of the animals is not taken into account. Unfortunately, legislators and decision-makers in this area often allow themselves to be influenced by economic factors. 

Besides our lobbying efforts, every consumer can contribute to a change in thinking. Animal well-being will only play a role in the economy when demand drops for the cheapest meat and intensive livestock farming is scaled down as a result.

Pig in a cage

Mutilation of Pigs

Pigs in the farm environment are subjected to cruel procedures

Rescues Goat Lotte at TIERART

Mutilation of Goats

Goats are adapted to the farm environment, instead of vice versa

Cattle with horns in the pasture

Mutilation of Cattle

Painful interventions are carried out on cattle without anaesthesia


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