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The 3Rs principle

Factory farming is the leading cause of animal cruelty worldwide and is a major contributor to numerous global problems. Globally, it is estimated that 80 billion farm animals are farmed for food each year1, of which 50 billion animals are reared in intensive farms2.

One of the important and easiest ways to tackle the negative implications of factory farming is through diet change. Everyone can make an impactful positive contribution towards animal welfare by drastically reducing one’s consumption of animal-based products and increasing the intake of plant-based foods. FOUR PAWS encourages people to follow and support an animal-friendly lifestyle by reducing their consumption of animal-based products and replacing them in their diet with plant-based alternatives. To do this, we recommend the principle of the 3Rs: Reducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based products, Refining one’s diet by choosing products from certified high animal welfare standards and ultimately Replacing animal-based products with plant-based alternatives.

The 3Rs Principle is a great tool to make conscious, cruelty-free food choices for everyone. In 2021, with the variety of healthy animal-friendly food choices available, it is easier than ever to find out great tips and advice on how to make this happen!

The 3Rs Principle



The less animal-based products we consume, and the less often, the fewer animals have to be bred, kept, transported and slaughtered.

Reducing consumption, reduces production.




It’s important to know if retailers and manufacturers are transparent in how animals are farmed. Opt for products which are supported by high animal welfare standard labels and familiarise yourself with what the labels and certification stands for.




The most animal-friendly diet is a plant-based one. Choosing delicious, healthy plant-based options has never been easier. Replacing meat, dairy, fish and eggs in your next meal will have a direct impact on us, the animals and the planet as a whole.


Find out more about the 3Rs Principle in our video below.

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Our nutrition 3Rs guide

Our nutrition 3Rs guide

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2. CIWF 
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