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The Tigers' journey

Rescued from an illegal breeding farm in Argentina, 60 hours in transit – now their new life can begin 

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Argentina tiger mission to Jordan

Success: The tigers arrived safely in their new home!

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The Tigers of Balcarce, Argentina

Help them recover from years of neglect and mistreatment

Early in 2021, the Inspection Brigade (BCA) of the Argentina Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development raided an illegal breeding farm in Balcarce in the province of Buenos Aires. The authorities confiscated over 300 animals! Amongst these, were two male tigers. Unfortunately, as tigers are a non-inhabitant species in Argentina, there is no species-appropriate place in the country for big cats and the tigers remained at the shutdown breeding farm.

During subsequent inspections following the raid, the Ministry reported that the tigers – 18 and five years old – were being kept separately and in highly inappropriate conditions. Their health had deteriorated and both tigers were underweight, undernourished, and dehydrated. They needed urgent care and an appropriate home.

The authorities contacted FOUR PAWS for help.



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The bengal tiger discovers his new enclosure in Jordan

27 May

Say hello to Fangio and Charly!
Two days ago, we have asked our community, to choose a name for the 5-year-old, rescued tiger from Argentina. The results are in (it was a very tight race!) and the name this big cat will start a new life with at its forever home in Jordan, is Charly! The 18-year-old tiger was named by our rescue team and got the name Fangio. This choice was inspired by Juan Manuel Fangio, who was an Argentine racing car driver. In his seven seasons competing in Formula 1, he won the title a staggering five times.

21 May

Safe arrival in Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife
The two Bengal tigers have arrived safely at Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jordan after a 60-hour transport including two flights. The FOUR PAWS team was shocked by the keeping conditions at the breeding farm in Argentina: The ground was covered in mud and excrement, with rotten cadavers laying around for feed. Both tigers will receive a thorough vet-check in the coming days to better understand their current health status and medical needs. Read more about the tigers’ journey and their arrival in Al Ma’wa.

Tiger transfer from Argentina to Jordan

19 May

From Argentina to Jordan
The tigers have a long journey ahead of them. Departing from Buenos Aires airport, they are expected to arrive in Al Ma’wa in Jordan on 20 May. Once they have adjusted to the new surroundings, the team will perform a thorough health examination and provide the necessary treatment. Read more about their journey here. We can't wait to see them in their new home, where they will be surrounded by nature, and experience the smell of grass and trees. 

Captive tiger in Argentina #SaveTheOutsiders

18 May 

Years of neglect have taken a toll
The team arrives at the former breeding farm and sees the effect the poor conditions have had on the tigers. Both are clearly unhealthy, underweight and in need of urgent treatment. With the rescue mission kicking off, the authorities officiated the confiscation of the animals and handover into the care of FOUR PAWS. Dr Khalil and team could not perform health checks on the tigers due to safety concerns but believe both animals are strong enough for the journey to Jordan, where their healing can begin. Please support this mission.

Final preparations for the tiger rescue from former breeding farm

16 May

A critical mission in Argentina
The FOUR PAWS Mission team, led by Dr Amir Khalil, arrives at Buenos Aires airport with only a few hours left for final preparations before tomorrow’s departure for Balcarce. This one-day action will harness the collective efforts of the FOUR PAWS team, police and authorities. The end goal: give these tigers a better life at Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife in Jordan, a sanctuary FOUR PAWS runs together with the Princess Alia Foundation. With your support, we can give these tigers a new life.

Rescue Mission: Tigers of Balcarce, Argentina

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