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Without her vital vaccinations, Bella fell ill with canine parvovirus and her family did everything they could to save her


Bella’s owners spotted her on a classified ad site and immediately knew they wanted to visit her. As soon as they had Bella in their arms, they fell in love completely: she was perfect.

Bella was sold with her pet passport and a portion of food and began the drive back to her new family’s home.

During the journey home, Bella began to vomit, but her owners put this down to the car ride and she seemed to improve after arriving home, sleeping for the rest of the night. Four days later, Bella began to vomit again. This time she was also shivering and had diarrhea. Her owners immediately rushed Bella to the vets who advised that she required emergency surgery due to issues with her intestines.

The next day, Bella was diagnosed with parvovirus – a dangerous virus that attacks the cells in a dog’s intestines and stops them from being able to absorb vital nutrients. The veterinarian concluded that it was likely the passport didn’t belong to Bella and that she had probably not received her mandatory vaccinations. Bella needed to stay at the veterinary clinic overnight.

Her owners received a call in the morning: they needed to visit the puppy in the clinic as she was incredibly unwell. Shortly after they arrived, Bella died in their arms after being part of the family for only a week...

“Our world fell apart.”

Bella’s owners were heartbroken.

The veterinarian charged the family only for the used materials and helped the family get their money back from the breeder, saving them from the huge financial burden.

Bella’s family was devastated and now wants to help stop the illegal puppy trade by sharing their story, so that fewer people fall into this trap.

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