Wild mares in Letea, Danube Delta

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Roaming free in the Romanian wilderness


The oldest natural reservation in Romania, Letea, in the Danube Delta is 2800 hectares of diverse landscape and habitats where feral horses can live an almost wild existence. FOUR PAWS aids in the veterinary care and population control of the beautiful horses to ensure their longtime welfare.

A young wild foal in Letea Region, Danube Delta
Wild horses embracing in a meadow
A wild mare in the Letea Region, Danube Delta
Horses in the Letea Region, Danube Delta
Wild horses stop for a drink in the Danube Delta
Wild foal in the meadow
A horse looking through the trees
Galloping through the meadow
Wild horses in the Letea forest reserve
In the eyes of a wild horse
Wild horses and a foal in the Danube Delta
The wild horses roam free
Wild horses in the meadows
A wild mare and her herd
Horses at sunset in the Danube Delta

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Wild horses of Letea

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