Peek & Cloppenburg Joins Fur Free Retailer Program

Peek & Cloppenburg Joins Fur Free Retailer Program

Global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS welcomes this recent decision


Vienna, 29 August 2023 – Peek & Cloppenburg, the German-based company, with more than 160 retail stores and five online shops underlines its rejection of fur products by joining the international Fur Free Retailer Program. By that, the Peek & Cloppenburg* Düsseldorf Group will help raise awareness for animal welfare and have an overall positive impact on the fashion industry. Global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS welcomes this recent decision.

"We are delighted with this landmark decision and hope that Peek & Cloppenburg* Düsseldorf will inspire many more retailers to follow their example and work with us to make a world without animal cruelty and fur trade a reality." 

Anne Wessendorf, Textiles Campaign Officer at FOUR PAWS

Global trend towards more animal welfare

For years, the vast majority of the public has rejected fur production. A clear trend towards animal and environmentally-friendly fashion can also be seen in major fashion houses all over the world. Consumers today want ethical and sustainable fashion for which no animal has to suffer.

 "We are particularly pleased to now be officially part of the Fur Free Retailer Program. For many years we have been committed to ensuring that the assortments at Peek & Cloppenburg* Düsseldorf are fur-free. By joining the Fur Free Retailer Program, we are now taking on the responsibility that the Peek & Cloppenburg* Düsseldorf Group will also not offer any fur products in the future. For us, an inspiring assortment and attractive fashion do not need fur," says Lena Böringschulte, Head of Sustainability at Peek & Cloppenburg* Düsseldorf.

Fur Free Retailer Program

The Fur Free Retailer Program is the world's leading initiative to connect fur-free businesses with consumers looking for ethically produced products. The program is an initiative of the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), which is active in over 35 countries around the world. The Alliance is an international coalition of over 50 environmental and animal welfare organisations working together to end the breeding and killing of animals for their fur. More than 1,500 brands and retailers are now part of the initiative.



*There are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This mention refers to Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf, whose store locations can be found at

Anne Wessendorf is available for interviews.

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