FOUR PAWS launches major campaign in Vietnam to End the “Cruel and Barbaric” Dog and Cat Meat Trade

FOUR PAWS launches major campaign in Vietnam to End the “Cruel and Barbaric” Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Global animal welfare organisation calls on Vietnamese people to show their opposition to the dog and cat meat trade and call on the Vietnamese government to bring an end to the trade


17 December 2021,Vietnam/Vienna – Global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS has launched a campaign called “This is not Vietnam”, aimed at demonstrating Vietnamese opposition to the cruel and barbaric trade of dogs and cats for their meat.

As part of the campaign, the public will be asked to send a short message to the Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Vu Duc Dam, expressing public sentiment calling for an immediate end to the trade.

A FOUR PAWS survey conducted in early 2021 across Vietnam found that the majority of Vietnamese want their government to take action, with a total of 91% saying the trade should be banned or discouraged. When asked if they would support a ban on the dog and cat meat trade, 88% of respondents said that they would be in favour of such a measure.

In addition, respondents were asked if they felt consumption of dog and cat meat was part of Vietnamese culture, with the resounding answer being no, with 95% indicating that this was not part of their culture. 

“This campaign comes at a pivotal time in the country's history of this cruel and barbaric practice. A change in the perception and reputation of Vietnam in terms of the dog and cat meat trade is happening and the government has a chance to act now. A new generation of Vietnamese citizens are standing with us, and they are demanding that they break with the past and ensure animal welfare is central to Vietnam's transformation on this major issue.

While the progress may seem slow, the reality in Vietnam is that change is coming more rapidly than people think. Only this month, thanks to the work of local authorities and FOUR PAWS, we have seen the first city in the country, Hoi An, commit to ending the dog and cat meat trade.

Yet, we know more needs to be done. Our aim is to introduce, strengthen and enforce animal protection laws which will bring an end to this brutal trade. This will not only protect animals but also people from public health risks. The COVID-19 pandemic brings into stark reality the dangers of the trade in live animals, including dogs and cats for their meat. By protecting animals, we protect public health in turn. Prevention is key.”

Dr Karan Kukreja, Head of Campaigns South-East Asia (Companion Animals)

This is Not Vietnam

Currently, a FOUR PAWS petition addressed to the governments of Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia asking for action to end the dog and cat meat trade has reached over 1.4m signatories, including almost 250,000 from Vietnam.

FOUR PAWS is committed to bringing an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia through government collaboration, supporting local stray animal care programs, conducting rescues and slaughterhouse closures, and raising awareness of the risks of the trade.

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