A first-aid kit for your dog

A first-aid kit for your dog

FOUR PAWS Guide for Dog Owners: What belongs in the pharmacy bag for the dog


If you’re taking your dog on holiday, a first-aid kit is simply indispensable. Should an emergency arise, this may quite literally save lives. But it won’t just be useful in the event of an accident. A good first-aid kit can also help relieve a whole range of milder complaints. When assembling your kit, it is best to consult your vet.  

  • Pair of tweezers, for removing dirt and foreign bodies from wounds
  • Pair of scissors with the tip of one blade rounded, for cutting dressings
  • Pair of tick tweezers
  • Digital medical thermometer
  • Disposable gloves
  • Muzzle/bandage for mouth
  • Dressing material
  • Sticking plaster, for fixing bandages in place
  • Disinfectant (for disinfecting superficial skin wounds or abrasions)
  • Nausea remedies and medicines for calming your dog (e.g. homoeopathic drops, Bach flowers)
  • Diarrhoea medication (e.g. charcoal tablets)
  • Healing ointment (e.g. for cracked paws)
  • Disposable syringes for administering medications orally

If your dog suffers from a chronic complaint, please bring 

An adequate supply of the medications your dog has to take regularly A vet’s certificate (detailing the nature of the complaint and how it should be treated – in your own language and in English) 

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