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Are You Ready to Become a Fosterer?

Foster parent’s guide


If you would like to care for an animal but are not ready to adopt, and your lifestyle and circumstances allow it, you should consider becoming a fosterer. Fostering gives shelter animals the best possible chance of being adopted and is a very rewarding experience for the fosterer. 

First things first

Before you start contacting shelters to apply to be a fosterer, you need to think through the implications of this decision carefully. Take a look at FOUR PAWS’ foster parent’s guide to help you decide if fostering is right for you: 

Check your situation: 

  • Are you financially able to foster a pet?
  • Do you have enough time for a pet that may need special care for example a disabled or young animal, an ill animal or an animal with behavioural issues?
  • Does your landlord allow you to keep pets? 
  • Does your partner/family agree and support fostering a pet?   
  • Do you think your other pets will adapt to having another animal around?  
  • Do you have any plans that may affect your fostering i.e. moving home/jobs, having a baby, going on holiday?
  • Are you able to foster an older, disabled, sick, injured or a young animal?

Start small:  

  • When you start fostering, start with an animal that does not have issues and is best suited for a beginner. 
  • Develop your foster-skills before you take on difficult cases (for example animals with behavioural or health problems) .
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How you can Become a Fosterer 


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