Snuffle mat for dogs

Make a Snuffle mat for Your Dogs

Instructions: creative fun for both you and your dog!


A Snuffle Mat is a great and easy way to keep your dog occupied with a little bit of a challenge for them. There are many variations and there are no limits to its creativity. It is important not to over strain your dog in the beginning, so that he does not lose the desire to play. If a dog does not know this task yet, it is best to train step by step with his favourite treats at the beginning.

With pieces of fabric, a sewing machine and a little patience you can conjure up a great sniffing carpet in no time at all. The workload of this one was about 5 hours. Of course, there are also faster, simpler variations, such as knotting strips of fabric remnants together and then hiding treats in them. Our prototype serves mainly as an inspiration to make the dogs happy. You can find the instructions right below the photos. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Instructions for the snuffle mat

  • Cut out the base of the snuffle mat from leftover fabric. We need this base twice, because we also need to sew a lower part at the end to stabilise the carpet. The size can vary according to your liking or your dog.
  • Make up and sew various sniffing obstacles from leftover fabric. For the fringes, cut evenly into the fabric that is not torn open and sew to the base. Then you can sew on the obstacles bit by bit. For most of them you can use a sewing machine, some have to be sewn on by hand.
  • When all search stations are sewn on, the second side is attached and sewn on like a pad. Due to the double fabrics the sniffing carpet is reinforced and does not slip easily.
Dog Phoenix looking forward to the goodies


At the beginning, you should sit next to the mat, show your dog the treat and hide it in such a way that he can easily find it again. When your dog has discovered the treat, praise him immediately so that he can enjoy the game immediately. This way you can gradually increase the hiding game and use several treats at once. If your dog has understood the procedure well and is concentrated on the game, you can let him play with it alone and take care of other things while he is searching.

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