Bear Rocco

Jun 2019


Rescue Bear Rocco

FOUR PAWS rescues bears from a tiny cage in Albania


Rocco's journey started on 5th June 2019, in Albania. During the transfer, our vet team took care of his well-being. After a 40-hour journey through nine countries, they arrived at our BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz on 7th of June. Our vet confirms that Rocco is in good health condition, although he is slightly underweight, suggesting that he did not get much to eat in the past.

The owner took over Rocco as a young animal; the bear was kept as a pet in a tiny cage in a private estate in Elbasan, in Albania. He lived in a 12-square-meter small rusted metal cage on a concrete floor – without protection from wind, sun and rain. After eight years, the bear's attitude became too expensive for the owner, so he decided to contact the local veterinary authority. Fortunately, we received permission to take him over.

Now a new life begins for Rocco: In the natural environment of the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz, he had found a forever home.

"We are happy that we finally got Rocco to his new home. Our team at the sanctuary is specialised for the care he needs now. After years of suffering in bad conditions, Rocco will come to rest, have room to move around and live a bear-friendly life. At the BEAR SANCTUARY Mueritz, he will finally discover how to live out his natural instincts." 

says Carsten Hertwig, Bear Expert of FOUR PAWS. 

A life in society and peace

Our bear Rocco is making progress every day. Since his arrival he already became calmer, especially towards other bears like bear Luna. He demonstrates a good appetite and builds up his strength by playing with the trunks that are lying in his enclosure. Nevertheless, he still gets nervous and anxious when he is exposed to loud noises or upon the arrival of larger visitor groups. This comes as no surprise, considering that the bear was kept isolated in a small cage in a secluded backyard for years. For next week we are planning to expand Rocco's enclosure, thereby giving him access to more than 1.200 square metres of space to roam around.

The fate of the saddest bear

FOUR PAWS works tirelessly to improve the situation of bears in captivity in Europe and Vietnam. Still, sadly, hundreds of bears are living under bad keeping conditions. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of bears in need in Vietnam, Ukraine and Southeastern Europe. Read more about our work as part of the #saddestbears campaign.

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