Rescue Cat Victor

Jun 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Cat Victor

 A true survivor and a little miracle


Victor's story is not for the faint-hearted. In mid-June 2020, this beautiful two-year-old male cat was found hiding under the hood of a car, on the streets of Bankya, Bulgaria in an extremely serious condition. 

Poor Victor had ghastly injuries, he had an open fracture with exposed bone on one of his front legs, with necrosis of this toes as well as deep abrasions on the muzzle, pelvis and hind leg. His life was hanging in the balance when he was brought to our clinic for stray animals in the areas. 

His body was under a lot of stress and so it took several days before the vets were able to stabilise Victors condition, so that he was strong enough to undergo surgery. When he was strong enough, surgery could not save his front leg but put him on the beginning of his long road to recovery. Following, the long-term medical treatment, changing of bandages and treatment of many wounds begun. 

Victor at the clinic following surgery

It turns out, Victor is a real hero! After the pain he suffered, for who knows how long, he is a wonderful cat, who really survived despite all the odds against him. It wasn't long before Victor became a favourite with the team at the clinic, he has an extremely gentle and charming nature and always cooperated through his lengthy treatment of bandage changes to heal the deep wounds on his back legs. His recovery is nothing short of a miracle, and in just a few months Victor is almost fully recovered from his injuries.

Of course, he had to adapt now that he only has three legs remaining, but cats are very adaptable creatures, and fortunately, unlike humans, they don't suffer mentally from losing a limp. Cats are able to overcome the inconveniences of everyday life by learning to use their healthy limbs better than before.

Victor now has a great life ahead of him, he stole the hearts of his new adoptive parents and who decided to give him a new, safe and forever home! 

Now that his suffering is behind him, we can only rejoice in his happy destiny and wish him a long and peaceful life in his new home!

Victor getting adopted
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