Rescue Dog Archie

Jan 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Archie

Left howling in pain when struck by a motorbike, dog Archie gets the care he desperately needed


Archie was a stray on the streets of Vietnam when he was suddenly struck by an oncoming motorbike. Unfortunately for Archie, the motorbike continued to speed on, leaving him laying on the ground, howling in pain. The accident left him unable to walk and with a large wound in his groin. Our outreach programme in Vietnam, along with partner organisation PAWS for Compassion, rushed to his rescue and took him to the nearest full-service veterinary clinic. At the clinic, a radiograph performed revealed he had a badly broken femur bone. His leg was put in a cast, and he was brought back to the recovery centre for further care.

When Archie was rescued, he was also suffering from mange which left him with hair loss and skin infections. He was clipped, bathed, and started on a course of antibiotics. He was also quite thin, so he was started on a special diet, with feedings three times a day to help him put on some weight.

Archie continues his ongoing treatment at our recovery centre. 

Archie dog

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