Dog Becky, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Jun 2023

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Becky

Becky barely escaped the flood, covered in ticks


Our work continues in the regions of Kherson and Mykolaiv, both of which were affected by the flood caused by the breach of the Kakhovka dam. Pet food, medicines and rescue equipment were in great need to save the animals whose lives were at stake. A FOUR PAWS veterinarian, as well as local partner veterinarians in Ukraine have been providing lifesaving treatment to the evacuated animals.

On the same day that the team resuced Nadiya and her ten puppies, dog Becky also found shelter in the veterinary clinic of the Communal Enterprise of Mykolaiv. And just as Nadiya, help came just in time for Becky.

We can only guess what Becky had to endure before she finally made it to safety. As you know, when in fear, some individuals flee. Others fight. And others freeze. Becky belongs to the last category: she was so terrified after all she had been through, that she completely froze when our veterinarian Dr Valentyna Danyliv tried to help her.

But, scared as she was, she did not snap and was tolerant while the vet removed all the ticks on her face and body. Becky was completely covered by them and it took a long time to remove them, especially as the vet moved gently and cautiously due to Becky's anxious state.

Becky before her treatment

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It took a few days for Becky to begin to relax. Now she feels very comfortable in her box, which provides her a safe space to relax and calm down. She is crazy about all the food that she is offered and is not picky at all! Every day she reveals a bit more of her character: she is a gentle, friendly dog that simply had to endure way too much in her life. But now, she is safe.

Becky does not appear to have an owner and is not microchipped. However, the clinic will reach out to the community online to see if anyone recognises her. If nobody comes forward to to claim Becky, the clinic will find a safe, local home for her.

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