Puppy receiving treatment

Sep 2019

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dog Toffee

A little puppy found alone, afraid and with a worrisome wound


In September 2019, tiny puppy Toffee was found dumped at a pagoda temple in Cambodia, she was in a sad state. Her eye was protruding out of her face. She was alone, scared and in pain. 

She was immediately picked up by our partner organisation Animal Rescue Cambodia and began treatment right away. As she received strong medication for pain and infection - thankfully her eye began to manipulate back into the socket. Considering she was so young and small, she recovered very well. It was decided to wait and see how her eye healed, and if she needed to have it removed altogether. Its most likely she will be blind in that eye forever, however, with the right medical care and love, we hope she can become a happy, healthy puppy once again.

Update March 2020

Toffee was adopted by Dr Teresa, a veterinarian working at our partner organisation Animal Rescue Cambodia at the time of her rescue. She was renamed Rhum (the Pirate Pup). As she grew and became a strong, healthy girl, it was decided to remove her eye to prevent problems occurring in the future. Sweet Toffee now lives in the beautiful Mondulkiri province in Cambodia, which is full of forested mountains, waterfalls, and endless rolling hills for her to enjoy. She mostly spends her days running around and guarding the avocado orchard behind her new house and going on many adventures in the countryside.

Toffee the dog

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