Dogs Sor and Pitch

Feb 2020

Shelter / Private home

Rescue Dogs Sor and Pich

Part of our Mission on Silk Island


In February 2020, FOUR PAWS launched an island-wide mission with our local partner Animal Rescue Cambodia. Sor was one of the saddest cases we rescued. He was a bit hard to catch, largely because he is so painful. We were able to bring him to the clinic, and anesthesise him. It took us almost two hours to clip him because of how dense his mats were. He was infested with lice, eggs, ticks, and fleas, along with a terrible fungal infection which caused his skin to become one huge crust. We were shocked at how awful his condition was - he suffered from extensive wounds and festering infections that were under his mats of fur. He also suffered from blood parasites and was anaemic. 

Sor needed surgery, but following he suffered from a worrying complication - excessive bleeding due to his blood parasites, and inability to clot his blood. Sore underwent special IV medications and we were all revealed his condition improved drastically. 

When he was feeling better, Sor underwent a body soaking to attempt to remove the crusts all over his body. The next day we had to sedate him again to do extensive bathing and treat his scrotal swelling.

At the moment, he is looking much better, but his skin is now quite pink due to the removal of all the crusting. Support our Mission on Silk Island.

Best buddies dogs Sor and Pich

Much to our surprise, when we went to rescue Sor, we realised that he had a friend that he lives with, named Pich. Pich was in equally terrible condition with matted dreadlocks, ticks, and fleas. He too required sedation for extensive grooming and later bathing. We also neutered both him and Sor. Pich wasn't too friendly with us at first, but we are slowly gaining his trust.

Sor and Pich's owner said that they would be happy if we took the dogs as they didn't want them given how dirty they were, so we will be taking them to Animal Rescue Cambodia for further care and rehoming when they are healthy enough.

Update 2nd March 2020

Sor is currently still on treatment for his skin infections, which will take several more weeks to heal given the severity of his condition when we found him. He is becoming a true gentleman though by allowing us to bath him and treat his wounds (with the help of some yummy treats). He is doing well at our partner facility, Animal Rescue Cambodia, hanging out with his friend Pich where they both enjoy laying in the sun and belly rubs.

Update 17th March 2020

Pich no longer looks like a ball of mud. Under our care, he was neutered and given medical treatment, now he is now fluffy and white and waiting for adoption.

These dogs were given a second chance! See their story here.

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